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Smile Re: The Threefold Economy: The transformation of science, politics & economics

The Facts

We are witnessing a continuous increase in interdependencies between the nations at economic, scientific, cultural and political levels.

The most pressing problems (pollution of soils, water and air, disarmament, criminality, contagious disease, unemployment, ...) can be solved only at global level and no longer at national level.

Most global, supranational and national political institutions perpetuate an outdated image of man that needs to be revised and the associated egoistical mentality that must be overcome. In essence therefore, they merely constitute repair workshops for this mentality.

Some inferences

Global political integration lags far behind global economic integration.

The most pressing problems are caused by the mental pollution that is rooted in wrong thinking. Instead of encouraging the process of mental change, attempts are merely made to repair the damage caused by an egoistical mentality by methods whose cost exceeds the means available.

Meaninglessness and lack of content, inertia and a lack of coordination of global, supranational and national political administrative systems preclude any effective change in mentality and meaningful management. Although there is much talk about reforming political institutions, no serious attempt is made to match political content and parliamentary structures to man's threefold needs. The widespread two-chamber system of politics is no longer adequate for today's requirements in terms of professionalism and global cooperation. In analogy to the human being, three professional, specialized and cooperative councils must also replace the two-chamber system in the political organism:

- Education/training councils (educationalists, scientists, creative individuals in the media and cultural life) encourage a holistic education

- Political councils organize the harmonious co-existence of human beings and nations on the basis of right and justice

- Economics councils deal with questions of production and distribution

In analogy to the human being the restoration and maintenance of the health of the global organism needs:

A high ideal

Meaning: Holistic satisfaction of man's threefold needs by means of successful globalization for the benefit of all 197 nations
Content: A new educational program for science, politics, economics: from an egocentric to a heliocentric image of man
Form: A new threefold social order: from a national to a global organism

A realization structure based on the pattern of man

A clear global head
responsible for synthesis and coordination functions in the global organism:
Synthesis function of the global university:
- Faculty of education/training
- Faculty of statecraft/law
- Faculty of economics

Coordinating and legislative function of the global councils:
- Global council for education/training
- Global council for politics
-Global council for economics

A strong and healthy nervous system
responsible for synchronizing all organs and functions in the global organism by means of a closely-interlinked system of threefold councils:
- Global councils
- Regional councils of the world regions
- National councils

A clear head for each function
responsible for the synthesis and coordination functions of the national organs, structured in analogy to the global head:

Synthesis functions of the national university
- Faculty of education/training
- Faculty of statecraft/law
- Faculty of economics

Coordinating and legislative function of the national councils
- National council for education/training
- National council for politics
- National council for economics

Efficient organ cells
responsible for the realization of sustained prosperity by means of efficient
- Institutions of education and training
- Political and legal institutions
- Business enterprises and economics institutes

The global, international, national and local enterprises/institutions represent the cells that implement the threefold economy. They include all business enterprises (finance, agriculture, trade, services, industry), legal institutions (institutions for legislation, jurisdiction and law enforcement), and educational institutions (schools, universities, churches, institutions/enterprises of the media, science, art and culture ...).

Assessing the present situation

The facts

The current trend towards the globalization of the economy is proceeding in an unbridled and opportunistic manner. Half of the world's nations are still excluded from the global economic flow.

Political separatism and the self-limiting egoistical image of man have exalted the principle of deregulation to being seen as the sole prescription for national prosperity and global economic integration.

The consequences are:
- Merciless global competition
- Global innovative spirals turning at ever faster speeds
- Unpredictable fluctuations in exchange rates
- Massive pressure to conform on the enterprises (including local ones)
- Staff cutbacks and increased pressure by management on those still working
- Instability of the global economic situation
- Hopeless overburdening of nations at a low level of development.

Some inferences

As long as unbridled deregulation is seen as the sole prescription, neither national nor global prosperity can be attained.

Only the restructuring of education/training and the globalization of politics in the sense of the threefold economy can bring about a genuine globalization to the benefit of all 197 nations.

Within the scope of global synthesis and coordination, the enterprise of the threefold economy represent the actual cells that implement changes in the global organism and thus bear a great co-responsibility for the prosperity of all 197 nations. The efficiency of these cells plays a crucial role within this overall global framework.

In analogy to the human being the restoration and maintenance of the health of the enterprise needs:

A high ideal

Meaning: The threefold economy with all its business enterprises, legal and educational institutions is geared to satisfy human needs in a harmonious threefold manner.

Content: Entrepreneurs who are innovative and cooperative as well as target and task-oriented, understand how to nurture and develop efficiency in the spheres of leadership, social relationships and technology. They apply these talents in their activities to make a responsible contribution to the holistic threefold development of man in order to ensure sustained prosperity.

Form:The innovative and efficient realization of a global economy without wasting resources is ensured by shaping each individual enterprise/institution as a living social organism based on the fundamental structure of the human being.

A realization structure based on the human being

A clear enterprise head
with responsibility for innovation and results in the three following dimensions of success:
- Product: Product innovation/cycle/quality
- Market: Market ranking/volume/profitability
- Operation: Manufacturing locations/costs

Leadership responsibility by encouraging enterprise-wide:
- Leadership efficiency
- Efficiency in social relationships
- Technological efficiency

A strong and healthy nervous system to ensure:
- Integrated management
- Communication
- Monitoring of the success factors specific to each business, segment and location

Highly efficient organs and cells:
Clear segment or sector management (head)
Process orientation with ongoing optimization of the
- Sales processes
- Order-handling processes
- Manufacturing processes by means of highly professional teams
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