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Default Re: A conversation with an athiest friend.

peace Ahmad..

do you Know what Yoga is ? or its different forms ?

Yoga must by no means be assimilated to a religion, even if it can encompass all of them, because it carries no “dogmas” and there is no “church” called “yoga”.

I was in gymnastics for 8 years..and a form of Yoga can be implied while doing streaches all the way up to double back flips.

It has a state of complete concentration of the here and now..not what your about to do..not what your about to do..but what you are doing in the moment.Or your gonna land on your head.

I do believe the Biblical stories of walking on water and other miricles require the person to be in a complete "in the moment" state of mind.

Faith can be broken, by thinking of the past or the in the moment.

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