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Default Re: The economic hijacking of America

Originally Posted by Ozziecynic View Post
How much anti brit sentiment is there in the US. I thought most neo cons were pro brit they seemed to be that way when GWB was in office.
UK has similar politics to america after all since thatcher & reagan were great libertarian friends in the 80s and followed many of the same small gov, privatisation, low tax for the wealthy policies.
Not near enough anti-sentiment in my opinion.

I have nothing against the British people in general, my beef lies with the Royal bitch and her ilk and the London Banking cartel. Also, the Freemason, in this country, whether they realize it or not, support the Royal bitch, as she is the head of all Masons. She is 'the see', or what the eye at the top of the pyramid symbolizes. That is why she is called 'Lord or Man' because whomever presides over the Isle Of Mann, where the CUBE is, is top dog. Prince William will be next.
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