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Default Marco Polo's influence on the Great Wall of China ..

Chinoook says, it is extraordinarily obvious these structures have been built by Masons, Martians or both .. coming from Hungary.
Yeah Maybe ..

Marco Polo spent 17 years at the court of Kublai Khan, aka the Great Khan, after his father and uncle Maffeo and Niccilo Polo first entered his court in 1266, he sent them back to Italy with the commission they return with "one hundred learned men," Marco went with them on their return trip in 1271, meeting with the Khan in 1274.

The Beacon Tower which has the same Roman eaves we see below, and the ruins at San Miniato in Tuscany have identical brickwork!

The Tower at Huánghuchéng Great Wall at left, many thanks to Brian @, and the Fuente el Saz de Jarama - Hermitage of Solitude, in Madrid, Spain, have identical brick eaves .. sure European architects designed and built the Ming Wall!

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