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Default Second letter to the Kirk (Wed 12/12/12) Salvation

I see you now feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, there will be much change. God's children can now blow their trumpets and tell the world that Jesus Christ has come as promised. This is the good news (during Advent) and this important date 12/12/12 is all part of God the Father's plan. I am not troubled by the unbelievers, some will continue to be conned by lucifer. I know you want it word for word as in the beautiful Bible, it is not my decision. I am at the mercy, grace and guidance of God the Father. I can tell you that I was recently told (supernaturally) that "I have power". I will not play mind games or lead you astray for I can only reveal the truth. Satan and his Tempted (SAHT) have wounded me and spent my human lifetime trying to foil this announcement. God the Father has made me and you a long, long time ago.

It is very important that you understand the occultic numbers 11 and 13. To SAHT the number 11 means death and number 13 means apostasy (anti-religion). SAHT worship these numbers and use them in their curses. They get excited by multiples of these numbers and especially in the cubit of three, i.e, 11 X 3 = 33 and 13 X 3 = 39 (number 27 = 9 X 3 more later). The numbers 27 and 39 are the most frequent curses that SAHT use on Christianity and the number/signature 27 or 39 is also used in all of the criminal-satanic masonic codes. I told you all numbers belong to God the Father as you shall see. I will show you how God always uses numbers more intelligently (He created them), almost as if YHWH is having fun with one who thinks he is clever. I have 3X number 27's on my birth certificate. God was Jesus then just as God is Jesus now.

You also have to understand the simple numeric value of the letters in the English alphabet (Gematria). Understand that satan is lucifer (lower case deliberate). The biggest secret that SAHT do not want you to know is that lucifer is also referred to by the letters RU or UR. The numeric value of these letters add up to their curse of 39. I previously told you that SAHT reverse everything in the Bible. SAHT have tried to steal 119 (psalm of God's Word/Law). To the criminal-satanic elite, the number 119 represents satan/lucifer's word/law/drivel (smile). Go to the BBC's website and search "119" in quotation marks, do the same with 27 - 33 - 39. Also go to Yahoo/Google with the same search or "WTC/Building 7/BBC".

I was steered toward this article on Thurs 27th Sept 2012. Satan the anti-Christ will succeed or fail to possess the body of Petrus Romanus (RUX2). His (last pope?) name/number breaks down to 9/11 (more later). This knowledge is all part of the seals.

Fact, SAHT murdered our son on his brother's birthday. Scott's name added up to 77, he will be avenged but not by human choice. I still have a vice-like grip on the serpent's tail. I could chop it's head off but it would still slither. I told you SAHT persecute me using the surname Davidson (David's Son). SAHT even managed to put a Harley Davidson motorbike (with loud/noisy exhaust running) in front of the Hearse that carried our son's body. This was outside our front door (Fri 21st Sept) with our Pastor sitting in the front of the Hearse. This rider/neighbour/masonic perp often wears Knights of Malta (another branch of SAHT) tee-shirts. He is a good puppet for evil.

The masonic perps even turn up at the cemetery, SAHT will not let us grieve in peace (documented). These low-level puppet/perps know nothing but the criminal-satanic elite do. Last week, we met Jacqui's grieving mum Jesse (root of) up at the cemetery, coincidence? See, the Lion and the Tribe of Judah (119) has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and it's seven seals. This is to teach you, do not harbour hatred in your hearts. Do you think God the Father previously sent me to that cemetery by chance?. Letter to the serpent, Dear SAHT, To those that repent, the Bible reads "I will forgive my enemies, having compassion". Also in the beautiful Bible "Man is destined to die once, then face judgement". Hear me now O Israel, my Son's death will be the death of SAHT (Pharisee masons). I have already sown the 4 mustard seeds.

Reflection. When I was a teenager, I received a potent message, I was told I was "Infinite". I didn't understand it although I was used to these strange super-natural happenings.

Other meaningful happenings. From 1987-89, we lived in Queens Park, Paddington. I used to take our two sons regular walks to Wormwood Scrubs, 10 minutes away from our house. I did not know about the star Wormwood.

About 10 years ago, our son had a long-term relationship with his girlfriend. It didn't last, but after 7 years of no social contact she called our house. This was last week on 7th Dec 2012. She told me about her 10 week old son called Benjamin. This was just as I was reading all about the tribes of Judah/Benjamin.

To the Kirk, it took another death. Peter was not with me and now is.

I wrote a small prayer/song..... Jesus today, Jesus tonight, Jesus beside me..... Inside me, Jesus.
This was my response to a divine super-natural connection on 27/4/08. I had stayed overnight in Rochester, England. This guy and his partner were freemasons pretending to be victims. He wanted me to stay for Sunday dinner but I was intuitively warned that more of SAHT would arrive. Before I told him goodbye, I felt strongly compelled to tell him I was not on my own. I knew Jesus was inside of me and I told him I was not on my own. I also knew he thought I was bluffing about me having someone round the corner. I did not mention the experience to him as I left for home. This happened on the 27th. Also 27/4/08 adds up to 39 (satan's curses of 27 and 39 have expired). God's children are aware of 27 books in the NT and 39 books in the OT (smile).

Bible researchers say satan's kingship (6000 year rule) ended in Sept 2008 and that he had an extended period of 42 months, hmm.

Everything that liveth shall know the name "Yahweh", the One and only true God of the first commandment. God the Father who's number is Seven. The dead soldiers already know God the Father, the dead also know that they were used as pawns by SAHT and their other false gods/guises/allegories/fairytales. I am the proverbial spanner thrown into the work of SAHT. I will grind evil to dust. O Father, help me to control this terrifying "Fire" within, I pray you give me more sight, wisdom and self control. I pray that you can change the devil's dogs of destruction and show mercy to the ignorant. Most agree that Babylon is a false Christian system, I also pray to you Father, that you help all them come out of it.

I am focused and ready to do whatever God the Father commands. I had misread some messages as I was being moulded, the Kirk has corrected me. Message to every Kirk in every place, I Am here and knocking on your door. I have told you several times that this is not about me, I am here to complete God the Father's promise to His children. I shall remain a humble servant. I am Joseph - Emmanuel - Jesus the Messiah and Saviour - I will build my Church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it - The Lion of Judah.

Love, peace and rejoice for your reward is before your very eyes. I Am you and you are me. Advent means arrival. Jesus, the light of the world has come, remain humble and spread the good news.

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