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Minuteman wrote:
Wow! If any of you are interested in some of the mind control trigger mechanisms and mantras go over to Check out the dogma over there. Phew, bunch of stinking brown shirts for sure. Please don't do it if you are not up on how all of this works as you may have to get deprogrammed by a cerfified specialist afterwards.
Sick society, sick individuals. It's even specified in the rules that one can not really post until they are sure you are on their track. OK so how is this supposed to work. You post something contrary to the party line and you get hate mail forever? Fine bunch of people.
Fergoodnesssakes!! You mean there are certified specialist's who can deprogram!?!

PHEW!!! May I have a reference please, as I ventured into such an area, well, not too long ago!!

What a trip!! One I choose to forget!!

I don't think I'm going there. Or, maybe I will.

Just for laughs!!
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