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Yes, all that we are witnessing presently is a BUILD UP to World War III.

Remember, wars are created by them!!!

They must fuel their "war machine" in order to steal from the poor and give to the rich. THEM!!! From our pockets to their bank accounts.

They must control all of the world's resources. Energy, oil, gas, gold, silver, currency, diamonds, etc.

Nigeria, Caspian Sea, Middle East Oil fields, Federal Reserve Boards, etc.

They control most major corporations through the creation of subsidiaries, take-overs, etc.


Case in point. AOL. Very successful. Merged with TIME. Complete takeover.


Face the facts!!

Private enterprise does not exist!! Double taxation does, however, if you are a private enterprise.

They are extending credit to our children. Children who are not yet 18 years of age!!

Get and keep us in debt to THEM!!!
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