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Default How much oil can the reserves actually hold?

When one considers that the last time the gov dipped into the oil reserves was back when clinton was in office, doesn't it amaze that they still are not to capacity, frankly I think they've been dipping into it for a long time now, but it isn't for Americas consumtion, I guess the question should be does any average citizen know if the oil isn't actually being diverted to other locations before or after it gets to the reserves, it probably wouldn't be hard considering how easy it's been concealed that the country has been usurped by the false profit and the general anti christ mob in DC, you might ask where might they be diverting it too, I'll put it to you this way, Bush is probably the worst oilman in the country, where it is a fact that he drilled and drilled but was only getting dry wells, so to propose that these wells are deep and dry they would be ready for the influx of many gallons of oil, (from one oilwell too another), so if bush goes back to texas and surprise surprise, his old dry oilwells like arbusto suddenly start producing again in great quanities. remember you heard it here first.

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