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Default Re: population reduction (genocide)

Dreak wrote:
Just look at " soy "

its in just about everything you can think of

You cant goto a restaraunt without everything on the menu having soy..exept a plain green salad ( no dressing )

walk down your local grocery store and look at random the ingredients.

when food is needed in africa or elsewere..what does the US send .. shitloads of SOY ..

If you like..research " soy "

Its the miricle food eh ? cough.BS.cough..

Now Mansanto on in the Soy act

Genetically-engineered soya - the technology

Monsanto, the US-based multinational speciality chemical and pharmaceutical company, has developed a new soya bean plant which is genetically-engineered to be resistant to the Monsanto herbicide, Roundup®. In traditional soya varieties, Roundup® blocks the build-up of essential substances for growth of the soya plant, but the modified plant, Roundup ReadyTM produces a new type of protein enabling it to circumvent this blocker. One of the claimed advantages of using Roundup ReadyTM soya beans is that weeds can be controlled after the young beans have started to grow, with just one herbicide. Monsanto estimate that around one third less herbicide overall can be used with this variety compared with conventional crops.

Monsanto say that genetically-modified (GM) soya is indistinguishable from conventional beans in composition, nutrition and processing characteristics; a US company Genetic ID claims to have a test available that can detect the genetic alteration, but this method will only work prior to processing. The new protein is not found in soya oil or lecithin and it is claimed that protein traces in soya meal are inactivated during processing. People who are allergic to conventional soya products will also be allergic to the genetically-modified soya products.
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