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So, then you don't think Live 8 acutally aids in anyway?

But, again, you say, the people got themselves into this shit hole.

I disagree!!

The powermongers create shit holes in other countries, America included through their control and ownership of EVERYTHING!!

Case in point!! IRAQ!!

They steal from the poor and give to themselves.
As you said with the aid for Aids. It all just gets funneled back into their bank accounts or funds the lavish lifestyles of the rulers in other countries who are just as corrupt.

So, if they do this to one, to a community, to a specific race, etc. then they suppress the PEOPLE through any means possible!!

They must keep the masses powerless so that they cannot rise up against them. This creates civil wars, etc., and then they step in.

I really don't believe that you can blame the people.

Especially in countries where there is famine and people live with disease.

We are their slaves and whether we rise up or not, we will still be their slaves until the stranglehold on Congress is removed.

Until the bankers go and return the power to coin money to Congress, we will always be their slaves.

However, much more than that is necessary!!
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