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Default The Saddest Part About This War...

For me, personally, is that the men and women who have received medals of honor, etc. are not acknowledged by the media because THEY know that the American people feel their honor, their bravery was not for FREEDOM but for the freakin' lying bastards in our government and military.

For them, for oil, for the NWO, for greed, for power, for control and not for the Iraqi people's freedom.

Reminds me of a song, one, two, three, what are we fighting for???

How much better off are the Iraqi people now? A bombed out country, children without arms and legs, living with the daily fear of DEATH.

This is what our government has brought to Iraq.

We know that these men without scrupples put our men and women on the front lines to die and lose their arms, legs for THEM and their agenda of world domination/control and not in the name of FREEDOM as they would like the SHEEPLE to believe. It is in the name of SLAVERY!!!

Advancing their take-over of the Middle East, their remapping of the Middle East.

This is a war based on blatant lies!! Our government has betrayed our country right in front of our eyes. Nothing covert about it this time!!!

Those who wear their uniforms proudly in the name of freedom and not war have been used by the greedy "evil doers" within our government and military not for the protection of the American citizens, but for the control of the "oil fields" in Iraq.

It is the duty of our military to protect America first and foremost. It is not their job to SPREAD so-called freedom and democracy across the globe. This is not within their job description. This is not why they wear their uniforms proudly. They wear them for U.S. The American people. They are our protectors and they have been used by our government for "illegal" purposes. Our government has committed treason against the military men and women in our country.

Our government did not call upon the men and women to protect us on 911, but they call upon them when they need them to protect their interests or to oust their hand-picked dictators and install a "new" puppet government of their choosing.

The "rogue" CIA controls the men who supposedly represent our government. They are mere puppets to the puppetmasters behind the curtains. The shadow government. The men who lurk in the shadows, but pull all the strings.

The likes of Rove and Cheney!!!

To the military men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan, GOD bless you!!

To those in hospitals in Germany, GOD bless you!!

We will never forget!!!

I, as an American, appreciate your sacrifices. I am angered, however, that our President has called upon you for a duty which is not included in your oath.

For your courage and your bravery in the face of one of America's most difficult times, but one which I believe will go down in history more accurately this time than at any time before us,

I salute you!!

You are the real heros!!!

From a comrade in arms!!

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