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Default Re: The Earth IS Moving!

I am so GLAD that I discovered this thread!!!

I mean, I know there have been cover-ups and information deliberately hidden from the people by our government, but "The Earth is Not Moving, well," I just figured this:

If the Earth Isn't Moving what does that mean as far as my individuality?

I still feel the same even if it was proven that the Earth Wasn't Moving.

But, I feel really PISSED when I think that there is a war going on and people are dying and being wounded on a daily basis and that this is happening RIGHT NOW whether or not the Earth is moving, not moving, rotating on its' axis, spinning on its' axis, whatever!!

If the Earth Ain't Moving, well, I don't think there is a damn thing I can do about it.

Will pushing help??

I just wish they'd stop blowing up comets!!
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