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It ain't gonna happen!!

They will never allow anyone except themselves to control the world's natural resources. So, they must retain a stranglehold on those countries which are rich in diamonds, oil, etc.

SO, if Live 8 is successful and they relieve the poorest nations of their debts and double the aid, what does BONO suggest then????

Better trade deals is one suggestion.

However, when people have been impoverished for decades and their offspring the same, it is a vicious cycle and a country that is economically poor and starving will not overcome just by relieving debt and doubling aid.

It takes leadership and independence and they are not independent.

They need to own their own natural resources, but then again, do we, in America own anything that is not controlled by them.

I own my home, but I'm not sure that at some point they may kick me out to put up a "parking lot."

Therein lies the problem!!!

They are the problem.

There isn't any reason why people in this world should be hungry. Our food is plentiful.
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