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Smile An Introduction to the WingMakers Project

An Introduction to the WingMakers Project

At first sight the WingMakers material can be a bit overwhelming.

There is so much material ... Where does one begin?

The aim of this presentation is to review the primary components of the WingMakers material and show how the parts fit together.

But first, who or what are WingMakers?

- The WingMakers are known as the Central Race. They were the first creation of First Source (God).

- The Central Race was created sequentially, based on seven distinct archetypal qualities of First Source. Consequently, the Central Race consists of seven distinct sub-groups called the Tribes of Light. Among other names they are known as the Elohim, and Shining Ones.

- The WingMakers, in turn, created the humanoid life forms, or soul carriers, which are the instruments used by entities for experiencing life in the universe.

- DNA is the product of the cosmic geneticists of the Central Race and is the fundamental building block of life in the universe.

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