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Smile From the nuclear family to the global family

From the nuclear family to the global family

Each human family is a cell in the vast body of society and if we look at how the cells of a healthy body function we find that they all work together in harmony for the good of the whole.

It is clear, therefore, that if the majority of contemporary societies are sick, it is because the families that constitute them are not in harmony with each other. Each family has its own ambitions and interests and if these conflict with the ambitions and interests of others the result is confrontation and disorder. Each family must work for the health and well-being of the universal body, therefore, by becoming conscious of the fact that it belongs to a larger family. And not just to one, but to a succession of larger families, each of which belongs to an even vaster family and, in the final analysis, to the global family.

Yes, this awareness must exist on the level of the family, for nations are made up of families and no nation can contribute harmoniously to the concert of nations if it is the mouthpiece of too many divergent and discordant demands. This is why you should not be afraid to reject any ideas about how children should be brought up if those ideas are detrimental to the harmony of society at large. It is their families that teach children to seek their own success and well-being first, even if it means riding roughshod over others. It is their families that leach them to think of anyone who does not belong to their nationality, race or religion as an inferior or even an enemy. Is there any wonder that children who are brought up in such a mentality grow up to be selfish, narrowminded and intolerant?

Families will not be protected by turning in on themselves in a spirit of selfishness. After all, we are all members of a collectivity, and however much we may want to avoid being involved, if the peace and order of the collectivity are disrupted, our property and even our lives will be in danger. The fate of families is necessarily linked to that of the collectivity, and if we want to ensure the safety of individuals, we have to work for the betterment of the collectivity.

The only way to ensure the protection of your family, therefore, is to work for universal brotherhood, to work to convince the leaders of every country that there must be a world authority responsible for the welfare of all.

You will say: "That's an impossibility. There will always be countries whose governments refuse a higher authority."

Yes, I know all your objections and at the moment, of course, what you say is true. But I am working for the future. In the future this unity will exist; events will lead human beings to see things this way, for they will come to understand that, in fact, it is not a question of being subject to other human beings or of handing over their freedom to an external authority but of working for the triumph of a common ideal: the peace and prosperity of the whole world, and it is clear that this ideal must necessarily be based on the idea of universal brotherhood.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
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