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Smile Capitalism vs. Communism V

Capitalism vs. Communism V

If you study the Hebrew letter Aleph, you will see that it suggests a human figure with one arm raised to receive blessings from Heaven and the other reaching down to earth to distribute the gifts recreived. So, here again, we have a symbol which proves that we must be both capitalist and communist; a capitalist first, so as to be in a position, subsequently, to be a communist: first we must take and then we must give. As long as we continue to think of communism and capitalism as seperate and contradictory, we are in error. A capitalist who only accumulates and never distributes anything begins to rot like wheat that is stored for years in a granary instead of being sown: it ends by being eaten by mice or going mouldry. The desire to have property of one's own is perfectly normal; but to want to possess things without ever giving anything to others is a primitive instinct that needs to be educated. What we possess must also be used to do good.

There is nothing wrong in wanting possessions. The only thing is, of course, that you must not restrict your desire to material wealth because, in order to become materially rich you are always obliged to dislodge a competitor or even defraud someone every now and then. The earth is limited and space is limited and, when we enrich ourselves, it is almost inevitable that it should be at someone else's expense. But if your desire for enrichment is focused on the vastness, the immensity, the infinity of Heaven, however much you acquire you can never diminish that immensity, that inexhaustible ocean; you will never be doing anyone down. And, once you are rich, you can distribute your wealth to others. One hand takes, therefore, and the other gives. This is how, like Christ, you become Aleph, you become perfect. Only when the two notions of capitalism and communism are joined can they really be resolved.

The ideal of an Initiate is to resemble Christ: Alpha and Omega, Aleph and Tav, the beginning and the end, the cause and the consequences, the divine world and the physical world. Aleph sets in motion the forces of Heaven and Tav gives them concrete reality on earth. The same notion is seen in the Solve et Coagula of the alchemists: Solve is the process which dissolves matter and renders it etheric, and Coagula is the process that condenses matter. As a matter of fact, the name that I received in India, OMRAAM, corresponds to these two processes of Solve and Coagula. OM is that which dissolves and makes things subtler whereas RAAM materializes things and gives them concrete reality. The name OMRAAM, therefore, symbolizes a whole process of concretization: the invisible, intangible idea that has to become incarnate on earth so that all human beings may see and touch it. And we all have to work in this direction. So many people say, 'Oh, I have some fantastic ideas!' Yes, but what do they do to realize them? Nothing; they are content to have ideas.

When Jesus said, 'I am the Alpha and the Omega', he was saying, 'This is the tremendous philosophy that I am bringing you: to be linked to Heaven and draw down into oneself all Heaven's blessings so as to be able to project and materialize them here, on earth'. The same idea is expressed in another form in the Lord's Prayer: 'Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven'. The poor idealists who have nothing but their 'ideals' die of hunger; they are too sickly and weak. Their ideas may be excellent but they never achieve anything her, on earth. Whereas the rich are too often inwardly lifeless and rotten. Perfection demands both, therefore, and this is what we learn from the Teaching of the Universal White Brotherhood.

The solution to the problems of Capitalism and Communism depends on Capitalists and Communists agreeing to broaden their concepts and view things from a much higher level. Instead of fighting each other - which gets them nowhere they must find some COMMON GROUND, for they need each other. This is the solution I have found. There is no conflict in me between communists and capitalists, they both offer a friendly hand to the other, they embrace and are happy together. Night and day, the capitalists within me are busy getting rich; even the most ardent Capitalists on earth are limited and passive comparison and don't work nearly so hard to get rich.

What can you do if you confine yourself to the earth? If you want to drive fast, you run the risk of colliding with all the houses and trees and people that get in your way. You often have to go at twenty miles an hour to avoid running over the chickens.

Whereas, if you want to move about in the ether, even if you travel faster than the light, there is no danger of a collision. And this is where my inner capitalists are, up on that level; that is why there is nothing to hinder them in their work. Whereas the wretched Capitalists on earth will always be limited, even if they do everything in their power to swallow up the whole world. What can you expect? That's how it is on earth. I'm a greater Capitalist than any of them, and you cannot find fault with me for that. At the same time, since I realize that if I hoard my riches, they will go mouldly or be eaten by mice, I have also become a communist.

When a young man falls in love with a girl, for instance, he becomes a communist. Yes, a family is the first community; that is where it all begins. The wisest way, therefore, is to let both your capitalistic and communistic tendencies blossom. You should be able to be both in turn in the course of the same day. To be only a capitalist is to live in one's own little corner and have no awareness of anyone else, and that is very bad. On the other hand, to be with other people because one is incapable of living alone, is a very dreary kind of communism. Personally, I have solved the problem by keeping half the day for myself. In that half I work and pray and meditate: I amass wealth. and the other half of the day is for others and I talk and receive people: I distribute my wealth. If you choose this way you will be happy because both aspects of your nature will be satisfied. If you are always alone and never give anything of yourself to others, you will feel unhappy and depressed; something will be lacking. If you are always with others, on the other hand, you will lose everything, your reservoirs will be drained dry and there will be nothing left for you. So you have to become a capitalist and spend a little less time with others and more time replenishing your wealth.

Both those who accumulate too much and those who distribute too much are unhappy. but I have found the third solution: half and half. This is the only solution that can make human beings happy. You think that all this is quite childish but, I assure you, it can have far-reaching repercussions. Take the case of married people, for instance.: if they exaggerate their communism, they inevitably end by separating and rejecting each other, because there is no poetry left in their relationship. It is too prosaic to be always together in the same bed. If they really want to solve the problem, they are going to have to be a little more capitalistic, to be apart from time to time. It would be better if they sometimes had twin beds. What a lot of things in life are still not understood!

Only Initiates are genuine capitalists and genuine communists because they are fully conscious fo being both. They know that the two currents must circulate, that it is a law of life, the law of give and take. Yes, this is eternal life: to receive gifts from Heaven so that we may distribute what we have received and that it may all be returned to Heaven, once again, to be purified. Our circulatory system is both capitalistic and communistic: the venous system is capitalistic because the blood from every part of the body collects in the lungs to be purified. And the arterial system is communistic because it sends the blood to the heart to be distributed throughout the body.

The circulation of the blood is a reflection of a cosmic process. The energy that comes from God, from the centre, flows through the different kingdoms of nature (human, animal and vegetable) to vivify them and, as it flows, it collects all kinds of impurities. Then, by ways which are still unknowned to us, it returns to the lungs and heart of the universe to be purified and distributed, once again, to God's creatures. This, then, is the true meaning of capitalism and communism: this circulation. But the problem is that human beings are divided amongst themselves because they don't understand this meaning; that is why things are in such a sorry state. Communists must understand that Capitalists have a reason for existing and that they only need to be educated. they must tell them, 'You are truly magnificient, capable people! Heaven has given you great gifts, great will-power and great intuition. but you have become so submerged and over-burdened by your riches that you need to distribute them. Proof of this can be seen in the fact that no one is satisfied. The workers never stop complaining and making new demands and they will continue to be dissatisfied because they don't possess the light they need.

What is really behind this constant dissatisfaction? I'll tell you: it is that human beings, who have never understood that they must have a high ideal, a divine idea capable of renewing and purifying the atmosphere, end by being suffocated and poisoned. Whatever they do and wherever they go, even on holiday in the mountains or by the sea, they are always in a deplorable state of asphyxiation. Yes, even when they get away from their factories and workshops, they continue to suffer from a feeling of defeat because they have nothing to illuminate or purify them inwardly: they have lost contact with Heaven.

True communism is not a question of improving the material conditions of the workers. True communism is to in communion with Heaven; this is the only way to be happy. Even if your work load is too heavy and conditions are poor, you will be able to put up with these difficulties and rise above conditions; nothing can really wear you down if you have something inside you that heals, enlightens and strenghtens you.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
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