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Smile Wealth in the Light of Initiatic Science IV

Wealth in the Light of Initiatic Science IV

Actually, if the rich really wanted to live a sensible and more balanced life, they would make their minds to get rid of part of their burden. Yes, but as the poor would be perfectly content as they are, they would not want to saddle themselves with any extra weight. And I find myself in the same situation: even if a multi-millionaire offered me several millions, I would tell him, 'No, I don't need it. Give it to the Brotherhood if you like but, personally, I prefer to be free and to go on with my work. 'I feel myself to be the richest of men; why should I impoverish myself? But people just don't understand: true wealth lies in being at peace and seeing things as they really are. What value is there in the possession of wealth if it is to the detriment of all that is most precious in yourself? True wealth is the wealth of your thoughts and feelings, for you can share them with others without impoverishing yourself.

It is good to possess material wealth but only on condition that it does not rob you of your freedom. I have already explained this question in a previous lecture. When the Pharisees and Sadducees were looking for a pretext to condemn Jesus, they asked him, 'Is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar, or not?' But Jesus asked for a coin and said, 'Whose image and inscription is this?' 'Caesar's ' And Jesus said, 'Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's.'

For two thousand years Christians have been quoting this saying and yet they have never discovered how much they should render to Caesar and how much to God. And then I come on the scene with my warped mentality and, setting fire to a log of wood I say, 'Look how it burns: first it produces masses of flames; then it produces gasses, in lesser quantities; then a little water vapour, even less, and finally, all that disappears and we are left with nothing but a handful of ashes. Well, the ashes are for Caesar because they are all that is left on the ground.' That is what Caesar is: the ground. Caesar is here, on earth. The flames, gasses and steam that go up into the sky belong to Heaven. So, there you are: we must consecrate three quarters of all our possessions, activities, thoughts and sentiments to the Lord and one quarter to Caesar; nothing could be more clear. But, instead of that, people give all they have got to Caesar and keep nothing for the Lord. This is why the rich will be punished, if not in their present incarnation, then in the next. And if you say, 'I don't give a hoot about being punished in my next incarnation, I want to have as much as I can in this one!' all I can say is that you are very stupid to take that attitude.

For my part, I have always maintained that, it I were offered the earth itself on condition that I gave up my work, I would refuse. Yes, because, if I were deprived of these spiritual activities, I would be dead; I would have no taste for life any more. So, my answer is, 'Keep all your money an leave me alone'. Believe me, I say this before Heaven, and Heaven knows that it is the truth. So many people allow themselves to be bought without hesitation. This is why the rich are convinced of only one thing: that everything can be bought. And, in fact, it is all too true: they buy men's convictions, feelings and consciences. If you only knew what went on in the world, you would realize how powerful money was. Money is all-powerful on earth. Yes, but it has no value at all in the world above. There are other things that are all-powerful in the world above, not money. And this is why, if your ideal is to become exceptional beings, you must be more and more ready to refuse certain commitments, certain responsibilities, knowing that, if you don't refuse them, it will mean losing your liberty.

True wisdom lies in being capable of giving up certain things. But it is as though people's one desire was to allow themselves to be enslaved on every level. Not long ago a woman came and asked for my advice about remarrying: she had already divorced six husbands and was contemplating getting married for the seventh time. I was dumbfounded! I said to her, 'Dear lady, don't you attach any importance to your freedom?' No; it seems that freedom bored her; she felt that she should always be married, always unhappy and ready to divorce again. Why couldn't she take advantage of her freedom to undertake some new spiritual activities? People always seem to feel the need to tie themselves down. In fact, nine tenths of you are in the same situation: you have the mentality of the rich. Instead of freeing yourselves so as to devote yourselves to making fantastic discoveries, you go in search of situations or occupations that will effectively bury you and prevent you from learning anything about true wealth.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
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