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Smile Aristocracy and Democracy II

Aristocracy and Democracy II

This is exactly what goes on at night when, without our being aware of it, thousands of entities work to help our organism to rid itself of its toxins and replenish its forces. If these entities are absent or if they are hindered in their work, you will not be refreshed, even after a night's sleep. If you always rely on external means instead of turning to these intelligent entities, if you never aks them to help you or show them the appreciation they need to do their work properly, you can spend your life in pursuit of healing but, as you don't understand what it really means nor who it is that heals, you will never achieve it. Let me give you an example: you have a machine of some kind that has broken down and, as it can't mend itself, you call a mechanic to come and mend it. But human beings, who constantly experience problems of this nature in their daily lives, have never understood that the situation is exactly the same in themselves.

Believe me, as long as you continue to reject this philosophy, you will never find the solution to your problems, whether they be medical, economic or educational. You must respect and appreciate all these intelligent workers who live within you, for when they see that you treat them with love and gratitude, they will do their work magnificently and you will always feel healthy and even-tempered; nothing will be lacking. Yes, the external world in which we live contains all kinds of lessons that we must learn to decipher. The example of the machine that breaks down is so clear: it takes a mechanic to get it working again. In the same way, our organs have to be repaired and kept in working order by living entities. A man's organs can be in good shape but, if those who animate them have been ordered to leave, he dies. The machine stops working, even though its organs are infact - and this can be seen in the fact that the organs of his dead body can be grafted onto someone else's body. It is simply that those who kept the machine running have left, so it has stopped. But suppose it had been dedreed that a man was to live for two or three hundred years, his organs would continue to function because they would constantly be fuelled and kept alive by new particles and new entities.

Actually, the human physical body is capable of living for thousands of years. Of course, this is only possible in exceptional circumstances and by a special decree of Providence; generally speaking, owing to the inevitable flaws in their heredity, human beings cannot live much more than a hundred years, it is always possible to work to be stronger and healthier. And the only way to do this is to rely on what is alive and not on what is dead, because only living elements have the power to heal. What happens, for instance, if you have an abcess or an open sore? Where are the entities that know how to heal the sore or clean all the impurities from the abcess? If they have been chloroformed and driven away by your chaotic way of life, the infection in your sore or abscess will get worse and turn into tetanus or gangrene and then you will have to have your leg cut off. All because you have banished the specialized workers who could have healed you. Even though you do everything possible externally, with disinfectants, salves and dressings, the sore will still get infected. You must understand that the most effective remedies come from within and that, if your inner entities are not allowed to do their work properly, external remedies are powerless to compensate. Conversely, if your inner entities are in good shape, your organism will heal itself, even if there is no outside help available.

So, you see, it is all very simple, very clear: you must change your mentality and give first place to the psychic, spiritual dimension; and, above all, you must work to achieve complete control and mastery of yourself so as to reign over your inner population and do good to all around you. Is this possible? Yes, it is. And you will take pride in having fulfilled the mission with which you were sent down to earth: to become a model of integrity, honesty and purity. You now understand, I am sure, that when I talk about the aristocracy, I am referring to that inner aristocracy that we all possess but which has been toppled from power because it was not equal to its task. This aristocracy has continued to rule in a few, very exceptional cases, in the great philosophers, sages and Initiates. In them, because it is the head that rules, their populace, the cells of the stomach, belly and sexual organs, etc., obey them and work magnificently. To be sure, all this is beyond the reach of most human beings. They are filled with every imaginable purpose except that of becoming exemplary human beings, true servants of God, conductors of light. And yet, how easy it would be to give them the means to achieve this! The difficulty lies in getting them to aspire to such an ideal. Even the Lord is incapable of giving men this desire; they have to acquire it for themselves. Just as no one can eat in another person's place, no one can aspire to something in their place, either. I give you food, but it is you who have to eat it. If I ate it for you, I would get fatter and you would get thinner. But disciples are an extraordinary breed: they think that their Master should do everything and they themselves nothing. They even want their Master to provide them with love, will-power and perseverance. Unfortunetly, for them, nothing of the kind exists in Initiatic Science.

A Master gives his disciples the means, the methods and the conditions he needs, but it is up to him to do the work, otherwise he will end up in the same situation as the lazy man in the story. It happened, one day, in Turkey: a peasant was digging a ditch and, as it was very hard work, each time he thrust his spade into the ground, he grunted, 'Oof! oof!' A lazy good-for-nothing happened to pass by and, seeing the man digging and I'll do the 'Oof-ing', and then we'll share the wages, too.' 'Agreed!' said the peasant. So there they were, one digging and the other going 'Oof! Oof!'. Of course, when the peasant received his money and kept it all for himself, the other man was furious and brought him up before the cadi (the village magistrate). When the magistrate had heard the story, he said, 'You're right; it's only fair to share.' Turning to the peasant, he said, 'Bring me the coins that you received as wages.' When these were handed to him, the magistrate took them and dropped them on the floor, one by one, then, giving them back to the peasant, he said to the lazy man, 'Since it was you who did the''Oof-ing'', the clink of the coins is for you; but he did the digging, so the coins themselves are for him.' There; that is what will happen to those who expect to receive everything without working for it. I can give you knowledge, but the good-will must come from you and the two combined will produce unheard-of results. Every day, the luminous spirits of nature will come to you to help you; every day, you will enter deeper and deeper into this extraordinary philosophy; every day, you will become freer and freer and freer.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
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