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Default Re: Personal UFO Experiences

When I was about 11, I was with my mom and a neighbor, that took a trip to dalton, ohio to the neighbors freinds house, it was october because I remember all of the pumkins around, on our way back I was looking out the back window, and realized that a small red light was keeping in pace with the car, I rolled the window down to see it better, and knew that it wasn't a reflection off the window, it was airborn at a small distance above the electric lines, it followed us pretty much of the way, when we got back home I grabed a flashlight and we drove back to see if it would be there again and it did start following us again, and although I didn't know morse code, I started flashing the light on and off, and strangely enough the light began to blink on and off, I dont remember what happened afterwards, but never forgot that.
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