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Default Re: 11 Christians Facing 47 Years In Prison For Preaching The Scripture At Gay Pride Parade


Funny you mention that. Jesus freak is directly below jesus in the dictionary. I don't know when oxford staring being in on their game... and for the doubters... they have God awful under God.

I thought words were looked up individually?
They now are creating this kind of flow when the young mind scans the pages for his definition. Good thing Jesus is a forgiving soul. (Are you? Or do you hold onto your anger? Just a thought.)

i.e.: in Jesusn.)...........

Jesus freakn.)..............

When I retrieve my dictionary, I will start a thread on this little meaning to words defining the life thingy.

Please no one take this as an offence. I am merely showing how Oxford is taking their meaning of the words in our lives, to the streets, our children, and the depths of hell.

Just something I noticed I thought was bad programming in the dictionary.

N.B. 30% of Nova Scotian children are homeschooled. They are being taught to be anti-social. No wonder the racism has flourished here. You should see how heavily Christian oriented the materials for home-schooling generally are. A very evangelical breed of hatred for anything other than Christian... it feels very Nazi to me with a Christian sugar-coating.

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