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Default NORAD and their role in 911

I mentioned coordinated effort in another thread that kind of pulled me off topic cause it was repeating and leading to other information.

So, I've started this thread, if you don't mind, for me to dump my mind in order to try and piece together what it is that I'm gathering.

We all know that neither NORAD or our military responded to the attacks on America on 911.

They have reported that due to transponders being turned off, they couldn't track the altitude of the jets.

They have radar.

NORAD is called upon many times during the year when jets have strayed off course, but not on 911.

They were complicit.

It was said that they would be on some kind of training exercise in the area, leaving the skies wide open.


Forget about the fact that America is under a terrorist attack.

Just continue with your training exercises.

In order to affect a STANDDOWN all branches of military (NORAD) and government had to be involved.

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