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Default Re: NORAD and their role in 911

These guys were camel jockeys, not math wizards, how long do you think it would take for a math genius to figure this calculation
Obviously you have never sailed b4 ?

Its quite dont need to be a math genius to figure out were you are and from that point where you want to go ( no matter what speed your going )

Im at point A. I know to get to point B. takes a certain amount of time at a certain amount of speed ( I allready know direction because I know were I am and know were I want to go)

When I was 19 I could hop on a plane and As soon as we got to cruising speed..and the Captain told me my coordinates..I could tell the Cap how long in one direction he should go b4 he turned to another direction..then how long at what speed he should go b4 we got to our destination.

Its VERY simple as im sure anyone with any experience could tell you Navigation is simple arithmatic..not Quadradic formulas..not higher Algebreic formulas.. simple devide and multiply..

You can do that right Torch ?

Peace Dreak

PS no disrespect m8
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