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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

Way to go, BlueAngel! Someone asked me about Tinker AFB. It is alleged that the MONARCH program had a facility using hot cages there. I don't believe anything I read until I get some kind of independent confirmation, thus the question. If you were stationed there, you were probably aware of shipments or areas (perhaps passages to underground bunkers) that were OFF LIMITS to all personnel. Some reports allege that the children were brought in on C-130's, but they could just as easily be smuggled in on the ground. To Ahmed regarding the existence of mind-control technology. Let me give you two simple examples to explain. Have you ever been in a dangerous or scary situation in which you panicked? I mean the mind-numbing kind of panic when your legs start moving by themselves, just to get you away from the trouble. Your mind goes blank; all you can think about is getting away from the danger. Imagine what would happen if you couldn't run? This is very similar to the mechanism used to "break" a mind in the trauma-based programs. Another example: did you ever have that "Someone is staring at me" feeling, and turned around and saw someone giving you a dirty look? That sensation is also conditioned in order to control and supress behavior. If I had the technology (and it's really rather simple) then I could beam a "signature" brainwave entrainment sequence at you and you would immediately feel that self-conscious feeling, but many times more intense. I hope these examples help to explain the commonality of our vulnerabilities and how easy it would be to exploit them.
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