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Default Re: Newspaper Withholding Two Articles After Jailing

Im not Implying anything m8.

I have no opinion on this particular story one way or another.. ( though I am researching it ).

I was just making the point that there are alot of High Profile media quotes out there..In which it is my impression that there not to be trusted.. some..not others ? I would think there would be more International paper Quotes then our own Media quotes ( I like to read not so known International papers as I think they are not so biased )

My post was not an attack on your thread..just seemed to be a good place to speak my mind other then posting another thread.

Peace Dreak

PS. Im only playing Devils Advocate on these threads that have weak or no proof of the actuall facts. Hopefully incouraging those of you that have the ability to dig a little deeper.

Sorry If I offend at any time anyone.
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