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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

Bouncer :

Have YOU had any of the experiences described in your post ?? if so..please elaborate..what how you got controll back.

Ahmad I feel for ya bro.

you stated right up front ..

I have only some brief knowledge of the so called mind-control programms, and i think they may very well be true.
I dont know how else to protect yourself from such attacks as being called a bastard..or worse..I thought you were quite clear that you didnt really know about mind control..and you think that they are true..then you get slammed !!..hmm..

I feel like walking on egg-shells around here..GOD forbid me to try to make a "neutral" post.

Ahmad..I think were fooked if we just dont come right out and say " OHH..Im with ya on everything you say..( insert zombie noise here ) . I have no opinion but what you give us master posters..( another zombie noise or two here ) ..

Do you think that some..just some..of us dont live in your worlds ? we are mebee trying to open up ? ..

"Its not what goes into a mans mouth that defiles him..its what comes out of a man mouth that defiles him."

GET THAT ??? yes Im talking to YOU !!

STOP ATTACKING SO MUCH IN HERE !! ( If you like..I mean.Do what you want )

Peace Dreak

PS..BASTARD ! ..hehe..giggles.. Bitch !
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