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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

Ahmad said:

As for mind control, i believe it is possible, but God taught us that nobody can be controlled AGAINST his will, there are no Victims, there are accomplices. Nobody can enslave us without our consent, only those who get afraid and relate the power to the ccontroller are controlled.


No victims. Just accomplices. This is how Ahmad interprets mind control programs.

No one can enslave us without our consent, is how Ahmad also feels.

Well, I don't believe that millions of Americans have consented to their slavery, but many are walking around in a "fog" and don't realize it because, they, too are victims of mind control to a lesser degree than I and the many others who suffered trauma-based torture.

Well, Ahmad, too bad you weren't around all the children who were being tortured in these programs. You could have just politely told them not to give into their fear.

Simple as that, eh?

Get Real!!
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