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Default Internet Censorship Is Being Intensified in Japan

Internet Censorship Is Being Intensified in Japan

I am posting fewer comments in English forums nowadays.

But it never means that I have fewer findings in Japan's conspiracies.

Far from it. I am extremely busy writing Japanese comments in Japanese forums.

Unfortunately I have little time to translate those findings into English.

But the Japanese government's censorship on the Internet has been intensified as the national election draws near.

The other day, an Internet provider's worker telephoned me. let me show a part of the conversation below.

"We received a message from an Internet user. The user was angry about your posting on the forum. We want you to be more careful about your posting."

"Excuse me. But do you know what kind of message I wrote on the Internet site?"

"Unfortunately, we don't know."

"You can monitor my posting. Have you ever checked my messages?"

"No we have not"

"Why not?"


Finally I asked the worker one important thing.

"Excuse me, but are you a member of the Japanese imperial clan?"

"No comments."

That was part of the provocative conversation.

I think you can understand the real situation around me.

And today, Yahoo suddenly deleted my messages (about two weeks) at one time.

I'm not sure how long my homepage will be seen on the Internet.

"I am writing this in a very short time. So I apologize for my poor handwriting and bad grammar."

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