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Default Re: Jesus/Joseph "V" Satan/Lucifer

Originally Posted by Ban Freekmasons View Post
I told you about the big letter V on military vehicles, it hypnotises (cons) the gullible.
Can we see a picture of this as there is more than one military and the vehicles are not all alike.

Do not be afraid, all righteous people have God Yahweh on their side.
This includes Freemasons.

It is important that your remember that Satan is also called Lucifer by SAHT (aka freemasons).
Many people, not just some Freemasons, are under the poor understanding the Satan and Lucifer are the same being. They aren't. Lucifer was a Babylonian king not a divine being.

Dear satan, as a human, I will seek (Hound of Heaven) you and I will destroy you and yours.
LOL, yes, I'm sure some fanatical keyboard jockey scares the Devil.

The Mormon-Masons teach that Jesus and satan were brothers. This Cult also teach that satan was really wronged by Jesus.
Where in Masonic ritual do we say such a thing?

Research online how both Cults were started by the Freemasons (whose god is lucifer).
There is no god of Freemasonry.

Please don't be too harsh on low level (conned) members.
You have no authority or understanding as to someone's level in Freemasonry.

SAHT (masons) think they know my thoughts but are 93 million miles away. SAHT constantly bug me with their childish psychological games but I enjoy making the controllers work harder.
Your thoughts of grandeur are pathetic, but amusing. You think yourself much more important than you are. The fraternity cares little of anti-Masons, you guys are essentially a joke.

Scotland is the world's HQ of criminal-satanic freemasonry.
Freemasonry is neither criminal or Satanic nor is Scotland the HQ of it. There is no single authority over all of Freemasonry.

Most (not all) live there because SAHT feel safe in their pretend masonic brother and eastern star sisterhood (100% undiluted evil).
Last time I checked, the Eastern Star was not approved or recognized in the UK.

They hypnotise each other with their false 119/lucifer/god beliefs.
No we don't.
"Quia tu lucerna mea Domine et Domine inluminabis tenebras meas."
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