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This image resembles the Tarot card The Lightning Struck Tower which is disaster, the human challenge is to ensure the disaster of prosecution befalls the culprits.

Salvador Dali: The Persistence of Memory - Looking up West Broadway toward the WTC from the corner of Park Place, shows absolute carnage,

How far does it extend, other shots show burnt cars on FDR Drive more than a kilometer away in the other direction, what became of the people in the cars, were their insurance claims settled the same as Silverstein's.
Feedback: I have not heard this theory prior.

Reply: That is because "they" want you to be ignorant, "they" want some t-r-a-s-h in a uniform with a gun and a taser weapon grunting at you like a human pig, "they" want to serve your kids up as food, like they do in China where eating houses are located next to abortion factories.

"They" want to bomb you with drone aircraft like they do in Pakistan, and they want to commit outrage upon you like they did on New York in 2001, and when you protest "they" are gonna send yuk yuks to you, and larf and larf and larf, like they do now in response to "troofers," "they" want you to be like them.
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