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Default Only 2 Freemasons left in the Lodge

Only 2 freemasons left in the Lodge…..

Dumb and Dumber (smile).

And the TRUTH shall set you free (part 2).

Here is the link to one of the best sites in Europe regarding the truth about criminal freemasonry.

Masonic Charity Bullsh?t. Not ONE penny goes to charity, it all goes to another pretend brother or sister.

Every Police Station is a Masonic fusion centre (fact).

You the Taxpayer posts their wages through the letterbox every week. We can guarantee they will NEVER open the door. These crafty crooks in uniform can only operate behind closed doors.

The Masonic controlled Media keeps you trapped inside the illusion. You are in a "Rich man's open prison". Think Rothschild - Rockefeller etc. Wake up you fools. Fight to open closed doors and record EVERYTHING.

When will you remove your blinkers? the police are a satanic cult. Do not take this out of context, there are good young cops out there who want to make a difference and help society. The promoted Police (99% masons) are the problem. Do your own online research, "Lucifer is the (false) God of freemasonry".

Here in Glasgow, Scotland, the Masonic Police hate me so much that they are going all out to stop us from getting justice. Our son was murdered by an Eastern Star Mason (or is he is a Co-Mason?). Our local MP has written to the Police to ask why the Police refuse to communicate with us. I/we will keep you posted.

If you live local and you see the Police Helicopter hovering low over our house (intimidation), you will know the truth. I live semi-rural and with nominal crime, but an abnormal Police presence (all documented) in the last 20 odd years. The Police do this all over the UK to anyone who has made a complaint about the criminal Police Cult. Incidentally the helicopter was for a masonic brother who couldn't find his pet rabbit, they can tell you anything, and they do. How would you know? you are just the Numpty who pays the Mason his wages (not just in the police force).

Now, please get focused, this is NOT about me, it's about all of us. It will be too late when it happens to you. I am sitting here with mountains of concrete evidence but it has to be produced transparently, recorded and filmed. UGLE and GLOS have refused this request, wonder why?.

Freemasonry is a despicable satanic curse, it is no less than floating sewage. It is also a human virus that infects everything it contacts. If you do nothing today, freemasonry wins.

I have previously asked you this simple logical question "How come the Police do not investigate criminal Freemasonry". Truth is, they actively - collectively go 100% for the cover-up to protect Masonic pedophiles, drug dealers and murderers (fact).

Love, peace and FR33DOM. Joe Stirling

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