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Default Re: The Movie

Okay . . . well as many words as you want to put in an installment is fine . . . just remember that I have to cover all the material with visuals. A good guideline for web-related content is between 5 and 10 minutes per segment.

When writing a script, each camera change should have as many descriptors as possible in order to assure I'm capturing the writers vision, while keeping my own creative lisence.

Then a storyboard is created to get the general details for each individual scene. . . this is reletively simple to do.

Then a bunch of sets are made in 3D Studio Max(the program I'm using . . . which is also known as 3DS or simply Max) where all the objects, that surround the characters and such are made, and the set gets light sources, environmental effects, moving backgrounds (if necessary) lighting effects (like volumetric lighting, comparable to a streetlamp in a fog) . . . this should take no more than a week per set, no more than 3 weeks, if there are a lot of objects in it.

Then there are test renders to be made, and environmental motion renders to make sure the timing is correct . . .

So all in all, it's far better to make the content really count, and not expect to put a whole lot of dead-air in it.

Then, there are certain shortcuts I can take to make some of the rendering go by faster, but this cannot be done all the time.

So I'm estimating that I'll need 2 lead writers, one male and one female. The reason for this, is that men and women tend to talk differently when in social situations, and this is to keep it realistic. Basicly editors, if you will . . . who are also responsible for rewriting parts of the story that are unrealistic, deleting scenes that are unnecessary, and adding content where appropriate. Also, will be responsible for creating back-story, so the writers, animators and artists have a basis for the design of characters, sets, and all other things. Any aspects left out are left to the designers who will use their best judgment to create something appropriate. The Leads will also create the general outline, flow, and circumstances of characters and occurances surrounding the story, and will be written in the form of an outline, or other similar organized format.

And I'll also need 5 or more scene writers, any gender(s), to do the general writing once the backstory has been established.

So, as of the moment, what is most needed is:
2 Lead Writers
5 (or more) Scene Writers

Do I have any applicants? And do I have any other ideas about where we are to go from here?

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