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We proceeded down the ramp and across a dark sandy place, the light coming from my guide the only illumination, our way seemed long, presently from the darkness ahead came a flash like distant lightning, as we proceeded in that direction a red glow lit the horizon, another flash and drawing closer the roar and crackle of flaming fire.

The flashes were coming regularly and had become explosions, we were at the entrance to another giant cavern, the inner view as for an industrial furnace, long high stacks of burning bodies like haystacks in a Grant Wood painting, stretched to the horizon in three directions it was great.

Philemon says, "this is it," he seems proud he asks "what do you think," I tell him I think its great, a mighty flash as a human being atop an adjacent high stack of corpses explodes into a pillar of bright yellow flame, we proceed in that direction, thru the glare of the flame the corpse stack is about five meters high, about two hundred long..

And open or unfinished after a section of about thirty meters at our end, beyond in the fiery haze higher stacks six and seven meters high, laid out four hundred meters long by two hundred fifty wide, millions of corpses burning in the fire. Standing amid all this is a critter glowing green amid the flame like the other guards.

With a more or less human upper torso, from the waist down shaggy hair, feral hind legs and cloven hooves, he is a faun, he has a goatee beard and a long faun's face, with short sharp horns protruding from a mop of curly hair grown right down his spine, he has Mr Spock type pointed ears.

He has a dark olive skinned clergyman in a full nelson going on a hammer lock,he breaks into a broad smile when Philemon introduces us, the priest has his eyes fixed upon a patch of soft golden light, and has his most sickening pastor's smile on his face, he proceeds to ask, "..what's the joke."

He does not finish, within the light like on a computer screen the image of well manicured garden, and an expensive car on a white gravel driveway, ivy is climbing on a wall past an ecclesiastical arch..

A young person decked out for his first communion has got out of the car, and the clergyman's speech turns to a scream, and his face freezes into a mask of terror and horror combined, as bright yellow flame explodes out of his body. The guard folds the latest entry backwards and downwards from his knees, and locks his inner arm onto an adjacent corpse.

From a large box like structure with a square hole in the bottom, like the trapdoor on a gallows, tethered a couple of meters overhead, tumbles the naked body of a European man, picture a spiv from the Reeperbahn in Hamburg, or yet a Muscovite hoodlum white slaver.

He crashes a few meters onto the corpse pile, the keeper grabs his left ankle and drags him leg first up and locks that ankle into the pile, the Euro is made of stern stuff .. with his free leg and both arms he attempts to scramble back up the wall of flaming corpses, too bad about the other ankle, the keeper grabs him and applies the hammer lock.

The golden light appears, the victim starts blubbering about being molested in a public toilet while still a teen, does not help his cause any and he explodes into bright flame, then a teen suicide blubbers before one after the other two elderly Japanese men, mutual suicides one supposes, and a Sikh Doctor who tries to mitigate, explode into flame.

Above dwells Bathomet the Devil of the Fire who greets the fallen from within his lair, the outer view has another of the ironies of Hell, hear in the lyrics of the crooner "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road," or yet view the classic film The Wizard of Oz, wherein adventurers begin their trek upon a yellow brick road, for here in the ante chamber of Hell the way is paved with yellow bricks.

Here you can see the fallen in that moment between death and damnation, when they themselves are unsure whether mercy or justice is to be their lot, we know of course. A Texas Redneck pops up head first out of the yellow paved road, as he attains height so does his body achieve form and substance.

He looks about, down the road a little are four arched gates going the full width of the road, they are sealed and appear intimidating, to the front a doorway in a plain wall washed the same yellow color as the paved road, like an anonymous entry to a Madrid Bar, to the right a low wall of some light gray volcanic stone, beyond a scree slope of similar volcanic material.

At the doorway a figure tall and lean clad in western style jeans and a red check shirt, looks like a spiv chalking his cue at a poolroom bar, who looks out the door onto the street and recognizing a like soul beckons him in. Inside the Devil has a mirror, not an ordinary mirror however but a demon mirror.

That not only acts as a mirror but can change shape as well, when this particular devil wishes to vex mankind he sends the mirror along, next time you are in the horrors or have the delirium tremens and you see the Wisp, you are looking into the Devil's mirror.

Looking in the mirror the Devil sees the Redneck, he looks from the front and above chest level, much like a goat, in that he has short curved back horns, a goats head and a full mane a bit like a lion. He resides behind a counter like affair, and in some respects resembles a barman behind a bar where whiskey for instance might be served.

He extends his right appendage, here any resemblance to a quadruped has vanished, his right arm looks like a long hairy tentacle or a hairy spiders leg, grasped in a coil is a stick about six hundred mm long, with a crude replica of a human hand at the end, the Devil flicks it into the doorway from his side.
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