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Outside the Redneck sees the stud at the door, sees the hand beckon in an inviting conspiratorial way, believes his salvation to be at hand and hollers "halleluia," he enters the doorway and his bulk blocks the light, his next step forward is in darkness, then inside and he is face to face with the Devil.

Whose upper body and simpering feral head is illuminated in the red glare from the flames below, who sends this sinner tumbling face like stone into the fire. Next a rubber faced Quebecois politician pops up, he does not like it at all he has time to walk down and take a look at the sealed entrances.

He walks back avoiding the doorway in the wall with its spectral doorman and the Devils beckoning hand stick, he decides to tackle the volcanic slope and the scree, unbeknown to him that way is guarded, four demon eyes on two demon heads have been following his every move, the demons resemble small feral humans, low browed and rangy.

In a trice one leaps upon the others back, both falling forward the arms of the upper and the legs of the lower, becoming the fore and hind legs of Cerberus the Hound of Hell, now have these demons become a demon dog, snarling and snapping it drives the unfortunate to the door.

He locks his elbows either side of the opening and faces the dog, inside the Devil casts the mirror, now become an iron chain with large links lasso's his neck and drags him in.

Back at the hearth and two West African brothers twins in appearance, seem overjoyed to actually be in Hell, first one then the other seemed to be digging every moment wide eyed and exited, right up until they started screaming and exploded into flame. Then a young Caucasian male maybe nine years old absolutely impassive.

Gives out a bit of a squawk when he bursts into fire, then an old man has Old Peoples Home Proprietor written all over him, impassive at the fire, doctors, lawyers,clergymen, young and old burning like mad, made me feel good. Watching the sinners burn and looking around Hell, another guard happens along.

He is on mobile patrol thru the fire and stops by to see what the fuss is, Philemon introduces him, and for a while there are the three guards and myself watching as sinners are flung into the flames, there were a lot more young people than I had anticipated, Chinese doctors were the most unrepentant and a couple of them aggressively spoke back at the light.

Positive ID's here included Jolly Old Emperor Bokassa, one time head man of the Central African Republic, who massacred schoolchildren and had the body of their schoolmaster hanging in his pantry when he was arrested, Myklos, the perpetrator of the 1995 Hillcrest Massacre near Brisbane Australia.

Wherein he murdered his two beautiful teenage daughters,then his in laws then his wife, then himself, I had met him a few years before he was a millionaire printer and a boor, and my father and the abortion doctor pictured at right above .. watching them tumble in then burn fatigue began to set in, bearing in mind that when Allah called it was night time.

I told Philemon I had to get a bit of sleep, and that I had to attend school the following day, that is if it was not past midnight already. Philemon had never heard of sleep, or school and knew of no way I might return, explaining to him about sleep, he says to doss down anywhere.

I tell him the fire is too bright and that I needed darkness, the other guard had finished his patrol thru the fire, and was going that way, so we three bade farewell to the keeper of the fire, or the racker up of the dead, I did hear his name but forgot, he was a cool guy cloven hooves and all.

Heading back out of the fire cave, they say just relax crash anywhere you like on the sand, we go along the far wall,there is a bit of an overhang and lying down there try to crash out, unable to sleep and telling both guards, then sitting down then lying down to get some sleep.

Before going off to sleep I wondered how I was going to be able to get back from Hell .. the next day I just woke up at home and proceed to school as per normal.

So it is that sometimes when I go to sleep at night, I will wake up in Hell then in Hell will continue the tour, till I go back to sleep and wake up at home.
The very next time I wake in Hell there is a sensation of rats running allover me, I go to sleep at home after school normally, I wake with the sensation of running feet, a tiny hand has lifted my right eyelid,rolling my eyeball down I am eye to eye with a little rat sized critter, I sit up with a start, Philemon and the other guard ask what's the matter?

I explain that I have been over run, by way of illustration a swarm of rat critters doubles back over my out stretched legs, the guards tell me that these are fire demons, and explain that they live in the fire and are in fact the wild life of Hell, they come to this spot..

Indeed the location I had chosen to lie down adjacent to a bit of an overhang, got that way because here the fire demons mine sulfur, and spread it throughout the fire. They wear Personal Protective Equipment, resembling a hood woven of some coarse substance, which comes right down the body forming an apron.
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