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He pulls her thru an opening that is altogether too small, placing the marotte against the side of the aquarium structure, he inspects his prey like King Kong and Monica Stevens in the movie KK, then like Vida Blue at Yankee Stadium, he pitches her head first into the solid stone of the central pillar of Hell, the target zone well defined by the splatter marks.

She slams into the column and slides down the almost vertical slope, and crashes semi conscious into Hell proper,dazed and disorientated .. the clip clop of cloven hooves and the approach of a monstrous creature.

Horned and hoofed, another faun the identical twin of the critter that racks up the sinners in the fire, not ungently he picks her up and takes her to the place where she is to hear the judgment, and to be joined onto a vast chain of women's bodies.

The first time here first left turn past the Zuqqum tree, walking with the Warden of Hell along past a long row of women bodies all crouched holding hands. Two in from the end and there's Mum, she died under aggravated circumstances in 1980, there were signs of a struggle.

Part of the door frame was broken, even as though someone was hanging on with finger and nail, yet dragged away and killed, father said he did it, he drew one's attention to it and said he did it in his grief.

I was working as a tower rigger on a ninety seven meter tower in the Queensland town of Dalby, the groundy radioed the tower the local police wished to talk, they said ring home and Father told me she had passed away thru the night, he would not let me view her body, I wanted to see whether her fingers were bruised..

Before his own death in 1993, I told him that before any reconciliation could take place he would have to tell me again about how he should not have let me live, this was after presenting me with the bodies of the aborted twins in 1959.

He went into Hell praising God totally fooled by the illusory doorman and the Fire Devil's hand stick .. so while I was camped out overnight in the back blocks of Hell, twenty one years had passed on Earth, she did not look any different a bit tense is all, I did not dwell on her circumstances and continued the tour.
The racker up of the dead picks them up by their elbows, then drags them the few meters to the judgment place of the outer darkness where Philemon customarily stands, a soft golden light shaped like a television screen appears, and the wrong doer will see just what has gotten her into Hell.

An elegant African lady is in the hands of the monster as we approach, she is transfixed by the images in the light, the gentle touch of the giant has relieved the symptom of dyspenia, and canceled the diaphragmatic paralysis caused by the chill touch of the Devil, "no" she says, "no.. no-oooo."

The last breath she took was in the breathable air of the aquarium, she breathes in and suffers Carbon Dioxide Paralysis of the Respiratory System .. she collapses at the knees, he locks her hand and fingers to the woman on her left, and a tremor goes thru the outer darkness as the slack is taken in, and the place at the front is ready for the next customer.

She is not long in arriving, she is a malnourished looking peroxide blond with closely cropped hair, you might have seen her at a pro abortion rally or voting for Hillary Clinton, she starts screaming "I don't believe .. I don't believe," until she runs out of puff and locks up and gets locked in.

Next a small dark woman from some Mediterranean place, in her late years .. within the light, high top limo's from a bygone era and an assassination outside of an immigrant barber's shop as she watches smug from an upstairs window across the street.

She screams abuse in some home dialect straight into the light, the scream dying on her lips as she locks up and joins the chain.
This is the outer darkness then, having a good look around, the ranks of bodies stretched to the horizon in three directions, as the body is racked up and chained on, a succubus rises put of the physical entity, that was until recently a human being walking abroad upon the planet Earth.

It looks like a balloon tethered by a cord, that flows upward from the spine and out of the head of the deceased, within the body of the balloon a faun critter, like a miniature version of the racker, shaggy haired feral legs and cloven hooves, curly mop of hair, horns and pointed ears .. this being will be the judge at the second judgment.

Looking about and taking it all in I tell Philemon it was great, and thanks very much for the tour, he says he thought I wanted to see the whole of Hell, I said I did and was there more, he assured me there was..

He cast an image into my mind of serried ranks kneeling in the oriental prayer position, tall spires of ash on their shoulders and heads, balancing on the balls of both feet and their knees, straight backed, hands on thighs, palms downward fingers together, resembling the statues in a Thai temple.

Just where they could be I did not know and he says to follow him, back thru the first circle past the Tree, Satan and the Swordsman, past Sisyphus straining up the incline with his stone, across the desert and back into the fire cave, down past the place of judgment and explosions of fire every forty seconds or so.

Thumbs up to the faun racking them up, then down between the vast flaming stacks of burning bodies to the nether part of Hell .. moving further from the front so are the bodies burnt down, past the yellow green burners at the front,to charred corpses further in, then burnt charred corpses with just flickering blue flame and human coals..

On to a place where the bodies are mere cinders blackened and burned beyond recognition, a spectral guard here tries to block one's way, I sidestep him and he fades away .. here a huge four armed being dismantles the stacks of charred cinder corpses, those he takes in his right pair of arms reconstructing the body in his marvelously dexterous hands..

Join with a blue green flying creature that has appeared from somewhere, the charred metallic body of the sinner crumbles to dust revealing only the bright white pure human soul, they rush together and embrace, their union sealed in a blinding flash of arc light that fades to reveal a composite white robed flying creature, which departs at a rate of knots.

Those he reconstructs in his left pair of hands similarly put on their best face .. while their angel is given the option of reconstructing with the newly raised from the fire human soul .. this one screams in outrage and horror, and departs like a bat out of Hell.

Thus in place in the two left hands of the Angel of the Second Judgment, Philemon did tell me his name which I have forgotten, he is a pretty cool guy notwithstanding he looks a bit like a snake jutting up out of the ground with his four arms, he has a mustache and a part in his hair, and looks a bit like Sir Richard Hadlee the great New Zealand sportsman.

So the sinner in his two left hands is placed alongside another of his kind, they are in a column of six, like the chain of women in the outer darkness, some unseen mechanism is causing the column to move like a snake of its own volition, taking the men backwards out of the fire chamber.

Thru and beyond another overhang they turn ninety degrees to the front, forming long ranks facing into the fire, then out into a volcanic place where white hot volcanic cinders alight like snow upon their heads and shoulders, and they resemble the statues in a Thai temple, with tall spires of ash upon their heads and shoulders, until only their faces and eyes remain visible as the ash buries them.

On downward and deeper into Hell the time for remorse long gone, the underground column comes to a trip place, here the bodies do another ninety degree turn, and are now facing forward as the column of the damned wends onward, and here in this place of dust and ash the fallen sleep.

Nor yet is their journey thru Hell over, deeper and deeper goes the column of six and its company of snoring losers, two weeks pass on Earth until the column intersects an underground stream.

Here in this place of water and steam, where the pious man looks toward heaven bitter and beaten, a witness of failure and dashed hope .. for here in vindication of the prophesy of John the Baptist, that "all flesh shall know the salvation of God," the damned are raised.
Two attendants .. two hundred kilo individuals who look like funny parody drawings of Cherubs, loose skin and tiny little wings on an overgrown wrestler's body, one reaches out where the column goes over a hump and the ranks open out, and takes the hand of the soul of a sinner.

He has been in the Eastern prayer position for as many weeks, which while an elegant pose, produces physical agony after only a short time .. the attendant assists him to his feet, then massages him up and down the legs, toweling down his upper body with a rag cloth he keeps over his shoulder.

The sinner is an ancient Walter Brennan type, you gotta believe just how old this man is, never would anybody really encounter any person on Earth this old .. old or not, and notwithstanding his double trip thru Hell, he is jaunty and full of witticisms toward the demon attendant.

He thinks he is in hospital, and tells the demon about this really vivid dream he was having, the attendant has heard it all before and mumbles something .. he has massaged both legs and feet, and done his upper body and arms with the towel, which he dips into a stone basin of water, then wrings out and does his face and ears.

Walter is still chattering away, as the wrestler hands him up to his brother who is a couple of steps up on another landing, when he passes from one brother to the other, so does a shiver of white light commence from the brother's fingertips, then goes right thru the newly resurrected sinners body until he is fully up on the landing.

Once more a young man in the full vigor of youth, whence the guard directs him to a then unknown destination .. the next sinner freed is a wizened little bloke, could have been a gunslinger in the wild west, mouth just a slit and cold eyes, un talkative he is toweled down and rubbed, he thanks the attendant who passes him on to his brother.

The next is a Dyak head hunter maybe from the island nation of Borneo, an incredibly old little dark skinned man, seems happy to be going .. I pass with him on to the next level, he approaches a gate beyond which his extended family have gathered to greet him, his grandfather, his mother, and his brothers and sisters are overjoyed to have him back.

The next there is a Caucasian youth met by his beautiful wife and children .. their features indistinct from my perspective. The column of annealed metallic corpses progresses a little further, until they tumble into and are ground to atoms in an ash whirlpool resembling a bottomless pit.

That's Hell, the second judgment in the outer darkness is much the same, the girls progress right thru Hell till they come to a body builder who has a horn trumpet attached to a thong around each wrist.

When their time comes the succubus that emerged at the first judgment has drained all the goodness out of the woman's body, which has gone up the umbilical cord and has nurtured him.
The umbilical cord snaps, and the faun critter has become a blue green angel, identical to the angels that say yea or nay at the second judgment at the fire, the bodybuilder this guy is built, is mostly indistinct, the guards in the darkness are a more reserved group than their counterparts at the fire, in that his light which shines from a disc above his head is most often very dim.
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