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He interviews the newly emerged blue green angel, and depending upon the response raises either the trumpet horn in his left hand blowing B flat, signaling that there will be no removal, or yet he raises the right trumpet horn and blows D, then the released human spirit standing at the place of judgment, like an intact Venus de Milo risen from a terrible waste of corpse debris, and the angel embrace.

Within the arc light their union produces the robed figure of a flying angel, which wastes no time leaving .. the losers collapse and so does the floor receive them, losing all human shape now and like a procession of bright white maggots, they make their way toward a place, where they will tumble down out of the main body of Hell, and be buried in freezing cold volcanic ash.

Until they are liberated as the ashy medium intersects an underground body of water, then they are washed out of the ash, over a waterfall and into a pool of water, here they thaw and dive, and plunge about this strange limbo world, till they drag themselves up a cinder beach and flop down like seals.

The two demon attendants here resemble Asterix The Gaul, in the European comic strip of that name, in that they are armored from the waist up and fully helmeted, against the amorous passions of the newly resurrected women, their eyes visible thru a horizontal slot in their helmets.

Handing the girls onto the next level the white light tingles over their skin, and they arrive on that level once more in human form as beautiful young women, stark bollicky naked however, up the path a bit and a high arched bridge below just cloud across and a gateway.

No gates on the hinges however, just inside a dress shop with diamond shaped crystal panes in the windows, here they get something to wear .. this girl chose a shirtsleeve blue and white full length dress with a modest neckline, that would not have been out of place among the Amish communities in Pennsylvania.

Past the shop a family group. A young man in the group a clean limbed type, seems a tad self conscious among so many people he does not know, then erupting from the group's center a black shape nor yet human but beast, carnivore tongue extended and feral teeth exposed, this is a puppy dog of the poodle variety..

That is what happened in Hell, Mother went to the second judgment after twenty two years and some months, I never witnessed her ordeal but guess she would be no chance to be rescued by her guardian angel. Father went to judgment after only seven years three months, I watched him leave Hell facing backwards in September 2000, the Doctor did only eighteen months and went to an unknown future.

Myklos who did his family in got five years .. I told Allah after the tour, that I felt injustice was being perpetrated in the matter of Satan and all the inhabitants of the first circle of Hell, directing his attention to the monstrously inadequate sentences handed down to my father for instance.

And to the Doctor who performed in excess of one hundred and fifty thousand abortions .. He replied the disposition of his slaves was a matter for him, and that Hell was not the place for temerity, I negotiated their release after Gog and Magog appealed directly to me that I petition Allah in their favor, I did that he relented and Hell did empty.

Gog and Magog facilitated the repair of Satan's chest wound, and at my behest found and fitted a new right leg for him, then found him a pair of short pants, never was his dignity compromised, once more called Lucifer, I escorted him to the light and handed him into the light, the same way as I had observed the demon angels do with the resurrected humans at the end of Hell.

Chablis the Devil of the Darkness, has the ability to split into many miniature replica's of himself, it is extraordinarily good luck to capture one… I caught one and held it in a bottle for about four years before releasing it into the light, when it coiled out of the bottle and disappeared into the light, I saw it had the form and shape of an oriental dragon.

I told the dragon I would see him and the bottle back on Earth, when he gets here I will be using him as a front line soldier in the Jihad I am in the process of fomenting against the abortion lobby.

After taunting him into chasing me, I had assumed the shape of a beautiful woman using my sweet Lizzy as a model, I climbed back up the cliff face at the place where he splatters the woman against the rock, he went berserk with fury and got after me, anticipating this I had prepared an opening into the outer world.

Thus viewing Hell from space,I drilled a shaft twelve millimeters in diameter using a burr bit attached to the top of my astral head, he pursued me across the first circle when I shrunk down and shot up the bore hole, he sent one of his most trusted miniature replica's of himself after me.

I had been training in high speed astral maneuvers, and got to the top of the shaft in time to place the neck of the bottle I had stashed there over the hole, and wait till he cannoned full on onto it, then place in and lock into place, the glass stopper which came with the bottle.

He was a small black winged creature, resembling a pterodactyl more than a bat,with bright red eyes, horns, and a tail with a flattened arrow head shaped tip, if he had a pitchfork he would have been identical to the devil of popular mythology.
Chablis was enraged, he can not harm my astral self however, the place I took the bottled devil is where the blue green angels go, when they have refused the advances of their onetime guarded companion .. they fly across the ether until they come to a structure much like a sea urchin.

A sphere with a hole in the top, down thru the hole and imagine that you are inside a lamp, the central flame a bright white light, no glare and easy to look at, ranged around in concentric tiers are a few hundred of the blue green angels all similar but none identical, some are sleeping and some stretching their wings.

At various times there are a lot of them then sometimes only a few, variously they approach the light vertically as they enter the chamber then are lost in the brightness for a few moments, until they emerge chattering excitedly then they get directions and fly off somewhere, or take a rest there before departing.
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