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I believe Gog and Magog are spirits from the world of stone that somehow began interacting with humanity, in an adverse way obviously since they landed in Hell, my plan is to instruct them in the Koran and the ways of Islam, to direct their attention to the injunction from Allah..

Re waging Jihad or just war against your attacker, I will tell these rock spirits to rally their people as Moslems, and as soldiers for Allah in the war against the unbelievers, which will be on behalf of those, who will otherwise be slain by the abortioners!
He still talks to me, and has since told me he has chosen me as his messenger. MT

Update: The four sealed gates have been opened .. the amnesty I negotiated for Satan all of the inhabitants of the First Circle was passed on, and every soul in Hell was released. For a short time Hell remained empty, then began filling again thru both the gates into the OD and the Fire, while the multitude entering via the newly opened gates must be those who have rejected the message!

The place of the Zaqqam Tree remained empty for a few years except for two recidivist former occupants, the same ones who had been caked in dust who appeared to have been in Hell since its inception, who appear to be aliens insofar as their limbs are like threads and their torso's like rope, they stayed about two weeks. Then by late 2010 an exponential increase of admissions began.

The Zaqqum area soon filled to capacity with the influx of new arrivals and spilled into the First Circle proper, which too became crowded, whence the fallen were placed into the desert, where immediately upon receiving the judgment they evacuate their bowels.
As it became crowded a work gang resembling human workers in every way turned up and built a wall, handling huge blocks of stone like styrofoam, above which they built a ramp like structure with a moving surface that heads downward, thru a tunnel and onto a vast open plain, all of the new arrivals being those from the Tree, the First Circle and the Desert were relocated thus.

This Devil neither Baphomet of the Fire nor Chablis from the Outer Darkness, but another Hellish entity who either plucks them bodily off the Earth thru a separate gate, or as their turn comes reaches in and grabs them from the Hellward side of the four sealed gates.

A short round Arab cries "put me down ..put me down," whence the Devil does just that onto the newly built ramp reforming the same column of four, the golden light flicked on for a moment and the voice told the Arab he was there for all time, neither holding hands nor on fire the Devil just let his arms go which fell to his sides, whence he collapsed into a crouch and evacuated his bowel!

The inner side being the foyer area and the Yellow Brick Road the fallen pop up head first four at a time, like demon robots in Bart Simpson's favorite cartoon Itchy and Scratchy, sprinters like delinquent children running up a down escalator in a department store attempt to outpace the machine before the Devil gets them!

Update: Gog and Magog are back inside .. after initially agreeing they would forsake evil and wickedness and become front line soldiers for Allah, they baulked at the concept of taking orders from a mortal and were returned to Hell forthwith, they took to fighting in a donnybrook that lasted six months.

One brother was slain where after they were both removed, before returning a short time later in brand new and much younger bodies, they stayed at the same place in Hell as before until mid 2013, then were removed to the place of the Zaqqam Tree there to be rootstock for the next round of growth!

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