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Default Re: Obama DOJ Justifies Murder of US Citizens

Jews were hoppin' about in glee filming as the WTC Towers turned to dust on 911, Jews at Mossad HQ in Tel Aviv Israel, made hundred$ of million$ wagering on airline Put Options, at stock markets in Germany and Canada on the day of the 911 attacks.

60,000 or more Jews failed to show up for work at the WTC on the day, while warnings to stay away were distributed from New York synagogues the Friday before, via text messages, and from the Odigo Hebrew language messaging service!

Barak Obama has wagered his life and the well being of his family and estate, that the Jews who perped 911 who carry out similar terrorist attacks world wide, and the massive cover up that exists at every level of the US social order, will never be brought to trial!

His case should proceed by way of the United States Justice Department, via lawful summons to appear in a duly constituted court, with the entire roll call at both houses of the US Congress, and all members of successive Presidential administrations, charged as capital terrorist infrastructure, there after to suffer legal execution if guilt is proven!

The entire news casting and information dissemination apparatus, no less will be brought to trial charged, in judicial proceedings expected to result in hundreds of thousands goin' on millions of death sentences!

Consider the blacks who “made it” in US politics, Obama, Holder, Condolezzo Rice and Colin Powell, all are capital traitors in the matter of the 911 attacks, who remain culpable for the killings, illegal imprisonment and torture, levied against the innocent in the name of the ongoing sham War on Terror!
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