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Default Re: Injuns and the Holocaust - Cry Me a River

As for Injun warriors wearin' US Military issue boots, on the ground in Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen & Afghanistan, they had better arrive with a good defense to charges of illegal war and treason, else they will swing on the same gallows as the Commander in Chief, President Obama himself.

For turning from the same evidence the 911 attacks, which were the impetus for hostilities under the aegis of the War on Terror, were the work of Jews who have infiltrated the US social and political order at every level.

Never heard of a single Injun standing for the common good, as a 911 truther or as an anti abortioner, if any of them ever wanted, they could expose the presence of the Luther Kings man & wife, and Andy Warhol with shooters on the Grassy Knoll, Dallas Tx. Nov. 22, 1963, at the murder of President Kennedy.

Plenty of grizzling and gripin', ever neglecting Jews were pulling the strings in England, Portugal and Spain, during the period of colonial expansion, who formulated the bogus French Revolution of 1792, that centered political power into Jewish hands!

And the similarly bogus American Revolution of 1776, who caused the 1861 to 1865 American Civil War, whence European mercenaries under the Union flag marched thru Georgia, and the rest of the South, who thereafter brought war and massacre to the indigenous inhabitants.

The same way Jews are still pulling American strings, bringing war and massacre everywhere they go, insofar as criminals are sponsored to political office, who remain in place by way of the Jew mainstream media machine, who will take the blame for atrocities carried out under US colors, all for Zion!

Large File,
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