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Default The Tip of an Iceberg of Child Murder and Snuff Porn @ Prison Planet

The screen shot show the layout with a picture of a distressed infant, that has appeared intermittently at Prison Planet since at least October 11, 2013 .. the movers and shakers there will need to explain where the image originated, and what has become of the young girl.

As well the photographer has to be located then brought into custody, charged at least with being an accessory to child torture, whereas the extended investigation will be expected to uncover similar cases of child abuse and snuff porn, dating at least to the Franklin Case of the mid 1980's.

Anticipate tens of thousands of executions, as the entire child murder / snuff porn / human sacrifice mindset is brought to trial and capital justice, counting webmasters, web hosting companies, and the principles at internet server operations that handle snuff porn as culpable!

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