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Default Re: Russia's USS Liberty - The Submarine Kursk Disaster!

The second explosion was equivalent to 3–7 tons of TNT, or about a half-dozen torpedo warheads and measured 3.5 on the Richter scale. After the second explosion, the nuclear reactors were shut down to prevent a nuclear disaster, although the blast was almost enough to destroy the reactors.

The second explosion ripped a two-metre-square hole in the hull of the craft, which was designed to withstand depths of 1000 meters. The explosion also ripped open the third and fourth compartments. Water poured into these compartments at 90,000 litres per second – killing all those in the compartments, including five officers from 7th SSGN Division Headquarters. The fifth compartment contained the ship’s nuclear reactors, encased in a further five inches of steel.

The bulkheads of the fifth compartment withstood the explosion, causing the nuclear control rods to stay in place and prevent nuclear disaster. Western experts have expressed strong admiration for the Soviet/Russian engineering skill to create a submarine that withstood so much.

Twenty-three men working in the sixth through to ninth compartments survived the two blasts. They gathered in the ninth compartment, which contained the secondary escape tunnel, the primary tunnel was in the destroyed second compartment.

Captain-lieutenant Dmitri Kolesnikov, one of three officers of that rank surviving appears to have taken charge, writing down the names of those who were in the ninth compartment. The pressure in the compartment at the time of the explosion was the same as that of the surface.

Thus it would be possible from a physiological point of view to use the escape hatch to leave the submarine one man at a time, swimming up through 100 metres of Arctic water in a survival suit, to await help floating at the surface. It is not known if the escape hatch was workable from the inside – opinions still differ about how badly the hatch was damaged.

However it is likely that the men rejected using the perilous escape hatch even if it were operable. They may have preferred instead to take their chances waiting for a rescue vessel to clamp itself onto the escape hatch.

It is not known with certainty how long the remaining men survived in the compartment. As the nuclear reactors had automatically shut down, emergency power soon ran out, plunging the crew into complete blackness and falling temperatures.

Dmitry Kolesnikov ranking Officer aboard Kursk's log entry, following the explosion!

The Russian Navy leadership, in the first days after the accident, claimed they had contact with survivors on board the submarine, a week after the explosions the Russian Navy still claimed there was the possibility of survivors, Dimitry Kolesnikov and 22 others had survived the initials blasts, and then drew back to the ninth compartment, they only survived for eight hours and were finally killed by the equipment that was meant to save them.

Update: Quite clearly since the dent in the hull goes inwards the submarine was impacted by something from the outside, as well there is no evidence that the forward section has been sawed off at all, the vessel appears to have been hit by a nuclear M 48 torpedo fired from the American submarine USS Memphis.

The first explosion was when the micro nuke at the tip of the torpedo ignited on impact, vaporizing the skin leaving the perfectly round hole visible in the photographs, then after 135 seconds the secondary component detonated, setting off Kursk's own defensive nuclear arsenal, and vaporizing the forward section in an explosion that registered 3.5 on the Richter Scale!

Admiral Popov's sudden departure from the fleet, could have been in response to him advising the Kremlin that he was under nuclear attack, then being ordered not to retaliate!

Furthermore the story that Kursk was scheduled to carry out a practice attack on flagship Pyotr Velikiy, like the "front section sawed off" fiction, appears to be the product of a conspiracy involving Vladimir Putin, Russian Naval Intelligence and the Russian mainstream media, all intent of perpetuating the official "leaking torpedo fuel," lie!
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