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Default Re: The Truth about the criminal freemasons (part 2)

Originally Posted by Ban Freekmasons View Post
Totally gobsmacked how you could not understand this simple post about truth and to help mankind. A 5 year old kid could understand it.
Except your post had no truth in it.

First of what lies? so all truth-seekers are lying?
I've talked about your lies over and over, all one has to do is look on old posts. You're not a truth-seeker.

Is general albert pike lying? read his book. His statement is all over the Net.
I have read his books as he published more than just one. You mean he's misquoted all over the internet.

Does alex jones, jeff rense, henry makow, ken adachi, tony gosling and the thousands of other people online try to hide their name?. No, only the criminal freemasons do this.
So privacy is a crime?

You are the one hiding (using a stupid nick-name) and coming to this forum everyday to attack truth.
I'm not here every day, plus if you could do some basic search you'd see my photos and name.

You are abnormal and need some serious help.
Luckily my family, friends, co-workers, peers, and so on (you know, the people who actually know me) disagree with you.

I have tried to have some logical debate with you in the past, pointless, absolutely pointless.
There's nothing logical about what you post. Literally you post illogical arguments.

Come on, one last chance for you, what is your real name and where you live? you should not have a problem with this simple request.
And yet, by the rules of this forum, I don't have to give this information. Although you could find it fairly easily.
"Quia tu lucerna mea Domine et Domine inluminabis tenebras meas."
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