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Default Re: The Truth about the criminal freemasons (part 4)

God you people are desperate. You guys can manipulate information all you want, but the truth is that we are not an evil cult nor will the evils of the world be solved with our banishment.

I do love how they interview someone from an irregular clandestine group. Her opinion is as about as relevant as an anti-Masons. Sad rabbits. Nor does the Lodge have 33 degrees. The Scottish Rite has 33-degrees in it, but that's just one branch. The York Rite, in it's entirety (invitational groups included) has far more. Plus there's the French Rite, Rite of Baldwyn, the Swedish Rite, and the list goes on.

The letter "G" is a device used in English speaking Lodges, specifically within American Lodges. You don't see it in non-English speaking Lodges.

The Calvi scandal involved the P2 Lodge that lost its charter in 1974, well before this scandal and even then the Grand Orient of Italy wasn't recognized until the 90s.

I'm not surprised to see information manipulated, horribly done BTW, as anti-Masons see their deceitful and immoral behavior as the ends justify the means. Most anti-Masons are ignorant fascists or religious fanatics who want to force their views on the rest of society.
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