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Default Re: The Arrest, Trial and Hangin' of Barak Obama - Have a care Joe Biden :(

Notice: Calling for President Obama to be prosecuted as a capital offender is not a threat, notwithstanding the satirical implications of the above piece.

It is because of his lack of response to hard evidence that the Jews, including his Chief of Staff from 2008 until 2010 Rahm Emmanuel, are heavily implicated in both the planning and execution of the 911 attacks, and the subsequent cover up.

No threat at all, and since it is drone attack aircraft under his orders, that are carrying out terror attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan etccc, in supposed response to the 911 attacks the Jews and the Jew press blamed on Osama bin Laden,

He is perpetrating massive war crimes against innocent ppl, sure he should be hanged ..only after a fair trial, since we don't know everything, maybe his dog is being held hostage by Zionist terrorists!

Could be that Barak Obama is under duress in which case he could be found not guilty, that is why there has to be trials, else in the future charges be made that executions were carried out before the condemned got a fair hearing!

Alex Jones is next up, the tape he made on the morning of the attacks is played to the court - A little over half way thru the broadcast after both strikes and after both Towers have come down, Alex is on the phone to an eye witness in New York who says there is a fire in Bldg 7.

Alex then conjectures that it could collapse too, the inflection in his voice suggests that he had knowledge that it would - he continually interrupts callers, including a New York pastor who says he does not believe Arabs were responsible, he goes on about Europeans while the Israeli connection gets no air time at all.

The video he made in July 2001, wherein he tells the world that Osama bin Laden could be hatching a plot to take down the WTC, is shown to the court - Then his record of firstly decrying the attacks as a false flag, then dropping the ball - Willie Nelson is crooning Sweet Home on the Range as the jury delivers its verdict ..
Edit .. Joe Biden could have Barak Obama in his sights, a la Johnson & Kennedy!

The Joe Biden file is looking shakier and shakier, sure he is a 911 plotter who the days after September 11, 2001, met with Pakistani ISI General Mahmoud Ahmad, who gave Omar Saeed Sheikh $100,000, to wire to alleged lead hijacker Mohammed Atta.

VP Joe Biden appears grim faced standing behind Barak Obama, his eyes are focused not on the cue board but upon the President's cranium - The plot to kill President Kennedy included all of the Secret Service, all of the White House Press Corps, and Vice President Lyndon Johnson - Say deja-vu.

Lyndon Baines Johnson conspired as Vice President to murder John Kennedy, who there after went on to assume the Presidency, it appears Biden has O in his sights, the same way Johnson had President Kennedy in his.

George HW Bush widely regarded as the architect of the John Kennedy assassination, similarly conspired as VP to murder Ronald Reagan .. that Reagan survived the 1981 shooting, does nothing to lessen the seriousness of the charge!

The Secret Service has been compromised since the 1963 Kennedy shooting, and no one in that body has attempted to refute the presence of Abraham Bolden with the shooters .. Obama would do well to go public with the same misgivings!

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