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Default Re: NORAD and their role in 911


Ive seen that "production" that you linked b4..

couple questions..

1. Where did the 757 go then ? did it never take off ? are all the other flight controllers that say it was in transit liers ?

2. what about all the "first" reports of people saying they saw a plane go down ? do these peeps not know the difference between a missle and a 757 plane ?

3. how do you describe the damage done on the pentigon. When you think about a missle that could do as much damage that was actually inflicted .. the payload of such a missle would carry SOO much more damage on impact then a "moderate" sized plane ( its not a 747..not a 777 .. it was a 757..average size plane mate )we have all seen mid sized missles hit Iraq eh ? KABOOM there would be much more damage then what was described ( IMO that production did a good job at gettin hit counts on there web site )

4. allready 3 other planes ( oh no..2 other planes actually hit at that moment ) struck targets in think the US would a missle without a warhead to the pentigon ?? to what extent ? make things worse ? to make it more dramatical..please man..think with your head ..not with your mouse !
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