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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

I dont mean to put a sidespill on this..but..are you talking about the same John Marks that wrote the "Manchurian Canidate" ??

goto his own words at the bottom

This same guy..and his lawyers..could get all that information about CIA mind control ? ( he does leave out some others that were unwilling to talk for some reason )

For the love of Pete..we cant even get authentic photos of what the CIA took on Mt. Ararat ! ( you know.. Noah's Ark . )

Then he sells the rights and they make a Movie out of this thing ? ( wonder how much he got for that ? )

Is John willing to put up some of his oodles of bundles of money to those that come forth and put on record those that these things were done to ?

BA. have you written to Mr. Marks asking for an interview ?

As far as the rest of the story..yea..I agree there has been human test done on the mind and mind control ( begining with the Nazis and there terrible scheme on world domination )

or are you saying that Hitler should of been givin the green light to go ?

no ? well..I guess we stepped up to the plate making it a little harder for a Hitler to propogate...

PS. I still think those that use children or anyone else in mind controll programs should be strung up from there large intestines .

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