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Default Re: Freemasonry is not Christianity

What would Jesus say about Freemasonry today?

By Harrell Rhome, M.Div., Ph.D.*“Everything begins in mysticism and ends in politics.”***Charles Peguy*FOREWORD*“We cannot doubt that miracles of magic and alchemy did really happen in past times.* They were not common, and there was much superstition and knavery entangled in them.* It is important to sift superstition from magic…. *There is a reason for every belief, and even the most fantastic, and it should be our object to discover this reason.”**H. Stanley Redgrove, B.Sc., F.C.S. in Magic And Mysticism: Studies In Bygone Beliefs, 1971.For some time, I have studied metaphysics and the strange body of knowledge called the occult, trying to discover how these ideas and movements interact with certain individuals, groups and historical forces to form our present-day world order.* After much study, it is not an exaggeration to say that both overt and covert occultism underlie the Globalist one-world protocols of what we call, for lack of a more exact term, the New World Order. Some call them Illuminati (Enlightened Ones).* Or, they can simply be designated as the Dark Forces.* Careful and diligent readers already know that, at the root of this metaphysical malevolence and mayhem, and at the core of almost all New Age beliefs, is a distinct ritual occult system, rooted in Kabala.* When the massive tome called the Zohar (“Radiance” or “Splendor”) is studied closely, all of this becomes clear.* This is not to say that the concepts are not found elsewhere and earlier, but it is in Kabala that certain themes are pinpointed and perfected. The roots of Hegelian Synthesis, Marxism, Collectivism, the group mind, mind control, evolution, and much more, are in the Zohar.*Once this is realized, it is easy to see that, among other things, ritual magic, secret societies and Kabalism are of importance in understanding world history.* Occult belief systems underlie many, if not all, decisions made by the New World Order Planners.* These obscure, yet often deadly creeds have Kabala at their heart and epicenter.* Never forget that the important thing is not whether you personally “believe” in the occult or not.* Nor does it matter whether or not “magic” really “works”.* The crucial factor is that high-level globalist Illuminati planners DO believe.* This brings forth another crucial element in our occult criminal cult profile.* Their “magic” requires certain acts and symbols be presented in (at least some degree of) public view.* A related element is their propensity for in-your-face actions rather than mere “symbolic” appearances.* I present information on these murky and mystical topics, introducing both old and new sources.* Just as it is with my book and articles on Islam, it is important that we understand the core belief systems of those who oppose us.* If you think it is important to understand Islam as an opposing system, then you must agree that the systems we now discuss, Kabalism and Illuminism, are due no less close scrutiny.* Kabalism and Illuminism are a part of news and current events because key players on the world stage are heavily influenced by occult paradigms and eons-old symbology.*There are some around me who say I should not be preoccupied with such “dark topics”, but what can I say?* Here we go again.* Mysticism and magic may seem odd topics for a “serious researcher”, but please humor an eccentric old writer who delves into archaic lore, and for now, just read on.* But when finished, write a letter or e-mail and tell me what you think.

WHAT IS FREEMASONRY?***Freemasonry is essentially a form of Kabalist Judaism, as Masonsic masters like Albert Pike and Manley P. Hall tell us, but like the ritual murder phenomenon, it is a subject demanding much more space than available here.* So, without belaboring a complex and difficult topic, a few words are in order.* Masons proudly claim the Jewish Temple and the Kabala as the essence of their heritage and traditions.* Even if they did not, a cursory study of the rites and beliefs is enough to see the bigger picture.* If in need of further proof, find a copy of Pike’s famous book, Morals And Dogma. You need not read all that much to see that of which I speak.* The Lodges have never really hidden this, but nor do they emphasize it other than for attracting naïve and misinformed Christians who mistakenly revere the Old Testament.* Until the higher degrees, and even there for some, one can pretend to be a good Christian and a good mason at the same times.* Masonry is seen as many things by many people, just as intended.***“The truth is that Freemasonry in a generic sense is simply a system of binding men together for any given purpose, since it is obvious that allegories and symbols, like the x and y of algebra, can be interpreted in a hundred different manners.”* Nesta Webster.**
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