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Default Re: Obama's love of Abraham Lincoln

Of course Obama has'nt started a CIVIL WAR yet, however, As I recall many years ago on this forum, I said well before Obama was elected that he would usher in Mass Prejudice and Racist hatred by blacks towards whites.

I even quipped/joked that it would be LEGAL UNDER UNITED NATIONS human rights directives/laws for blacks to murder whites without any "hate crimes" laws being attached to such crimes.

And as usual I AM ALWAYS RIGHT! NOW you can dismiss my views/opinions all you want and continue in your blissful ignorance of truth, or you can of course go to the myriad of "truth tellers" out on the net who are scam artist looking to get your money. EITHER WAY I am beholding to No One!

So is it any coincidence that in the last 5 years of Obama's Presidency, that he has finished the MILITARIZATION OF POLICE FORCES across America, started under BUSH? Now do you see why Obama and his handlers love ABRAHAM LINCOLN?

This is the real unemployment rate 37%!

(In most inner cities it tops 50%)

Economic Depression it is!

Gun Registration leads to Confiscation

Canada too

Federal Reserve Police Force

Obama executive order on guns

Video of Warning by Pastor Manning

Blacks knockout whites for fun

Knockout the deniers

December 2, 2013

Knocking out the Deniers

By Colin FlahertyThe deniers of black mob violence have a new mantra: "Colin, show us the numbers." Otherwise, all this talk about the Knockout Game and an epidemic of black on white violence is a myth. An urban legend.Thus sayeth more than a dozen of media outlets including the Los Angeles Times and NPR -- two outlets that loved me when I wrote a story that showed a black man in prison for trying to kill his white girl friend was unjustly convicted. He was released because of that story.They did not ask for numbers then. Now they do.I wrote White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It for these exact people -- the deniers. I did not really put a lot of numbers in White Girl because I figured: What was the point?First off, the numbers on racial crime and violence are just as horrific as you can imagine. Pick a number between between 5 and 100. That is how many times greater black crime and violence is compared to white and Asian.The only people who do not know that are ones who don't want to know it.Deniers screech "profiling!" when people use lots of statistics on racial violence. Turn around and use stories instead and the Los Angeles Times will accuse you of "cherry picking."Result: It's better not to write about it at all. I just saved you the price of admission to the next Society of Professional Journalists seminar on how to report racial violence.Let's do it anyway -- talk about the numbers, that is.

Commies deny "knock out game"

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