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Default Re: Freemasonry is not Christianity

Originally Posted by redrat11 View Post
A Christian?
I am and no man will tell me otherwise.

As to your little link:

Freemasonry is incompatible with Christianity!
I have seen nothing that supports this.

In Freemasonry the god of the secret societies is covertly substituted for the One True God. This false god is identified in the Masonic lodges as "the Great Architect."
As we have men of various faiths we don't elevate one faith above another so the Fraternity uses "GAOTU" is a generic term for each to apply in his own way. For me, the GAOTU is the God of the Bible.

Freemasonry teaches that due-paying Freemasonry & good works alone is one's guarantee for Heaven.
Actually we don't.

because they think the perfect Mason is like God.
Masons are lied to about everything in the 1st three degrees.

Be greedy. Be selfish - if these help you get ahead. Win at any cost.
This exactly what Freemasonry is against.

Ex-33 degree Mason Jim Shaw...
Jim Shaw was never a 33rd.

In his book Masonry "Beyond the Light", William Schnoebelen...
You mean the Catholic, Wiccan, Satanic, Vampire, Mormon? LOL This guy is a charlatan who invented a Masonic resume to give himself credibility when spreading his hatred and lies. People who believe this guy deserve to be misled and ignorant.

One main difference between Freemasonry and Christianity is that Christianity holds that Jesus is everything, while Masonry teaches that He is nothing

The "Black Communion" of Maundy Thursday
There's nothing mocking, blasphemous, immoral, or wrong about this ceremony. I've taken part and with this year I take over as presiding over it.

33 degree Initiation Ceremony
Strange Black Mass/Black Communion
as told by ex 33 degree Mason Jim Shaw
Except he was never invited to be a 33rd.

Thomas Paine, a Mason, who wrote the extraordinarily successful pamphlet called "Common Sense" during the American Revolution tells us what Masons really teach and believe when he wrote about it
Paine was not a Mason. He took many references from an anti-Mason by the name of Pritchard.

Karl Marx, Lenin and Trotsky, were all Freemasons.

High level Masons believe that Lucifer never fell to earth and that Lucifer is really God, and refer to Yahweh by the name of ‘Adonay.’
False. This idea comes from a fraudulent hoax perpetrated by a Frenchman known as Leo Taxil who admitted he made it all up. It's sad to see so many falling for his lies.

The rank and file Mason hasn't got a clue that the goal of Masonry is the same as Satan's and Islam -- world domination.
Masons have no such goal. Also, who honestly cares about what a Pope said? The Catholic Church has perpetrated some of the most horrific atrocities in the history of the world. This site just seems like a fanatical website.

Candidates of this 3rd degree undergo a mock death and resurrection that simulates the death and resurrection of a legendary character, Hiram Abiff.
Except in the Hiramic legend, he is not resurrected.

Although Masons will admit to a history only as far back as 1717, research indicates that the same Masonic rituals and beliefs were in use by the Knights Templers.
False. Our history goes back much farther. The first Grand Lodge was created in 1717, but Lodges existed long before that. Also, there is no existing ritual of the medieval Templars so we cannot say what their ritual looked like. There are many theories, even by Masons, on Templar continuation myths, but there is no concrete's all theory. Stephen Dafoe wrote a book called "Compasses and the Cross" which debunks many of the theories.

Aleister Crowley in Freemason regalia
He was a member of a irregular "mason lodge" and was denied entry into Lodges in American and England.

In many lodges the holy name of Jesus is not allowed to be spoken. Praying to Jesus, or ending a prayer in the name of Jesus is an "offense" big enough to get a lodge closed.
False. Every time I pray I pray to Jesus nor will saying his name end a Lodge. This is just pathetic right here.

Black (Negroes) and women are entirely excluded from the Masonic brotherhood.
False. There are black men in my Lodge and we're not PHA.

George Washington wrote:

Mount Vernon, September 25, 1798.

"to correct an error you have run into, of my Presiding over the English lodges in this Country. The fact is, I preside over none, nor have I been in one more than once or twice, within the last thirty years."
False. He never said such things and was active until the end of his days. Here are some notable events:
April 28, 1788 - Named Charter Worshipful Master of Alexandria Lodge No. 22 when a new charter from the Grand Lodge of Virginia was issued. Unanimously re-elected Master December 20, 1788 for one year.

September 18 Acting Grand Master - Laid the cornerstone for the United States Capitol, Washington, D.C. 1794 Sat for William Williams, portraitist, in Masonic regalia at the request of Alexandria Lodge 1797 March 28 Received a Masonic delegation from Alexandria Lodge

April 1, 1798 - Attended Alexandria Lodge No. 22 Proposed a toast at the banquet that followed
Okay, I'm only halfway down this page of lies, but I'm not going to keep reading as it is a waste of time.

Letters on Freemasonry, by our 6th President, John Quincy Adams, first published in 1833, is finally back in print.
Who cares? His opinion is just that, an opinion, but one must look that this was during the height of anti-Masonry of the 19th century.

It was the tragic murder of Captain William Morgan by a group of Masons in the state of New York in the year 1826 that further heightened Adams’ sense of urgency to warn of the dangers of the Masonic Lodge. Morgan, an ex-Mason, had revealed some of the secrets of the Masons—oaths, handshakes and ritual trappings, etc.
One of the biggest events to affect all of Masonry was the Morgan Affair. Anti-Masonry had been around since 1723 with the establishment of the Gormogons. Towards the end of the 18th century there was a spike of anti-Masonic sentiment stemming from inflammatory sermons given by Jedidiah Morse. Strong anti-Masonic sentiments would not rise again until the Morgan Affair.

On March 13th, 1826, William Morgan, a supposed Mason, living in Batavia, NY, signed a contract for a book that was to expose the secrets of Freemasonry; some believe out of resentment for his Masonic affiliation being questioned by the Batavian Masons. Morgan's membership in the Lodge was later questioned, but this occurred after he had received the degrees of Royal Arch Masonry.

Prone to drunkenness Morgan bragged about his book and soon everything came to a head in September. He was arrested for theft, but upon making bail was rearrested for failure to pay a debt of $2.68 and upon his release from jail he disappeared by means of which were never agreed upon by the "eye witnesses". Anti-Masons push that he was kidnapped and killed by a band of Masons. Several Masons were arrested and convicted of kidnapping, but there was never proof that he was killed.

Even after his disappearance, his book was still published. All of these circumstances culminated in an uproar of public outrage. Regardless of reality, ALL Freemasons were seen as guilty of the murder of William Morgan. Soon anti-Masonic propaganda spread into all avenues of society to include churches and politics which led Thurlow Weed, a NY politician, to form anti-Masonic movement in February of 1828, gathering discontented opponents of President Andrew Jackson, known to be a Mason, into the Anti-Masonic political party. In many places in New England and America, Masonry ceased to exist for a number of years, but would come back, stronger.

It should be noted that what he published was no different than any other "expose" on Masonry and there was no precedence to retaliate against him.

"Far from the truth are such impressions. With dozens of exposés printed; with hundreds to be bought for a few cents; with this cancer existing for more than two hundred years, would not Freemasonry have been long ago destroyed if these books were actually as harmful as so many supposed? Actually Freemasonry has grown from a handful of men in 1717 to five million in the civilized world, neither because of, or in spite of exposés..."

In retaliation, he was ritually murdered in a particularly gruesome manner, and his lifeless, mutilated body abandoned in a lake.
There's no evidence of this.
"Quia tu lucerna mea Domine et Domine inluminabis tenebras meas."
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