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Krelnik = Tim Farley
As you see he is “going to do my best” to get Mabus arrested. Farley says he needs more “help,” in other words, punishment. He is directly threatening his freedom by using the threat of police, full knowing the tenuous legal situation he is in. And he can't even be sure that Mabus is posting or someone else! “The authorities” must get “involved” because he cannot defeat the arguments using logic but only threat and intimidation. He is stalking the entire internet to find Mabus, to expose him, to get him "fixed". This shows premeditation and that he has a clear agenda to get Mabus locked up. He is in no imminent danger i.e, “get him picked up this week,” and he is trying to do whatever he can to get him in trouble because he does not like what he has to say about the James Randi Organization, a group of atheist cyberbullies.
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