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Default Everybody Wants to Blame Fukushima - Nukes in the US!

Everywhere ppl are blaming radiation caused illness like thyroid conditions, on the Fukushima Power Station explosion, US sailors aboard highly radioactive aircraft carriers who allegedly participated in the "clean up."

No less than ordinary citizens in Canada and in the USA, who are being told their radiation illness carried all the way from Japan, post the March 11, 2011 explosion, that fish stocks have been rendered "unsafe" all because of Fukushima.

Now understand this, the radiation illnesses are real enough as well Fukushima was nuked, however the root cause is fallout from the nukes that have been going off all over the United States and Canada.

At least since the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, not limited to the nuclear demolition charges that were used to bring down the WTC Towers on 911! .. Large file

As well suspect sabotage re the Aug. 2013, gas pipeline explosion in Illinois, the Dec. 2013, oil train explosion in North Dakota, the Nov. 2013, oil train fire in Aliceville, Alabama, the Jan. 2014, oil pipeline explosion in Manitoba and the July 2013, oil train disaster in Lac-Megantic, Quebec. .. Large File.

Other nuclear detonations have occurred in West, Texas April 17, 2013, at the US Marine Base Beirut, Lebanon Oct 1983, in Bali Indonesia Oct 2002, at the Alon USA Oil Refinery, Big Spring Tx. Feb 2008, and at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station in March 2011. Large File.

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